How To Get Tibet Travel Permit?

The first question about traveling to Tibet is always about how to get Tibet Travel Permit? and there is another important question how to get China visa? Passport scan and China visa scan are the two main important documents needed to issue the Tibet Travel Permit so first we can discuss the China visa.

They are two ways to get the China visa, first is from China Embassy in your hometown if you are planning to enter Tibet from China, another way is through Tibet Travelers if you plan to travel from Nepal to Tibet.

When you apply for China visa from your hometown, best is not to mention about traveling to Tibet since mentioning Tibet can make it more difficult to get the China visa. You can mention other cities in China like Chengdu or Beijing and it will be much easier to obtain the China visa. Tibet Travelers also has a detail documents about an easier way to obtain the China visa from your hometown, once you book a trip through us, you can send us Email about this document and we will send it in PDF version to you.

Another best way is traveling from Nepal to Tibet. Tibet Travelers will take care of your China visa with the help of our friend agency in Nepal. We will issue the invitation letter with the help of your passport scan, once we have the invitation letter, we will scan it to our friend agency in Nepal. You will need around 2 full working days in Nepal so our friend has enough time to pick the original passport and visa fee from you so he can get the China visa from China Embassy in Nepal. Visa fee including service fee is 110 US Dollar Per Person for a non-US and non-Canadian citizen. For US and Canadian citizen visa fee is 200 US Dollar Per Person. There is also an urgent way to obtain the visa if travelers plan to spend only 1 working day in Kathmandu, visa fee will cost around 50 US Dollar more but this is also possible as an option.

After getting the China visa scan, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa. Tibet Traveler will request to give us around 20 days advance booking to issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Once the Tibet Permit is issued, Tibet Travelers will send the scan to travelers who plan to travel into Tibet via train and by mail to the hotel in China to the travelers who plan to take the flight to Tibet.

The regulation of Tibet Tourism office, all the travel agencies are not allowed to give the service of permit only since Tibet Tourism office has written in the permit that it is free of cost so all the travelers must join in one of our private tours or group tours to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit. All the tours have an itinerary and trip in Tibet will be followed with the exact itinerary since duration of permit and destination permit depends on the itinerary, still Tibet Travelers do our best to have flexible in the itinerary, for Travelers who plan to stay in Tibet at Lhasa for few days after the tour, this is also possible as an option but please let us know in advance so we can issue a longer permit. Duration of the permit will depend on the itinerary. To extend tour cost 50 US Dollar per day for Tour Guide as a regulation even if travelers plan to stay in the hotel or walk around. Hotels can be chosen by the travelers or Tibet Travelers can also help to arrange with the travelers prefer price range hotel.If travelers visit any sightseeing inside Lhasa, this is also possible in the extra days by paying the entrance fee directly. It is not allowed to visit the sightseeing without the tour Guide so if you plan to visit any places in the extra days, let us know so our tour Guide can show you around.

With all the above important information, getting Tibet Travel Permit is very easy, Tibet Travelers will make sure to get the Tibet Travel Permit for you. Email us today for Tibet Travel Permit.

Written By :Tenzin

May 18, 2017


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