Namtso Lake

Located at the altitude of 4718M, Northern Nakchu region in Tibet, around 240Km one way from Lhasa, with a driving of around 4-5 hours, there is one of the most beautiful holy lakes in Tibet, Namtso lake, which is the largest salt lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Namtso lake is known as one of the most beautiful places located in the Nangchen Tangla Range, surrounded by white snow mountains and grassland where Nomads will camp in the summer with groups of Yaks.

Namtso lake is also a very important meditation area in the late 11th Century, in the stories of Jetsun Milarepa's Biography, his female Disciple Jetsunma Rechungma used to meditate at Namtso and later many other great Yogis. 

Nowadays Namtso lake is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tibet, every day many travelers will travel to Namtso Lake. Namtso lake is also known as one of the best places to witness the sunrise, sunset and most importantly stars in the night. 

Tibet Travelers arranges 10 days Group Tour or Private Tour to Namtso lake every month. In the Tibet Travelers 10-day tour, we will spend 1 night at Namtso Lake to witness the beauties.

Accommodation at Namtso lake is very basic, no private bathroom and no shower since it is not allowed to built mud or brick house at Namtso Lake, which is a good thing so these sacred places will remain beautiful and natural. 

Travel to Tibet and witness the beauties of Namtso Lake with Tibet Travelers. 


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