Western Tibet

Western Tibet is one of the most beautiful regions in Tibet. Home of Nature and Lord of mountains Kailash and Goddess Lake Manasarovar. 

Western Tibet is located around 1100Km from Lhasa. It is at the altitude of 4400M 

Once they were many kingdoms in Western Tibet region. One of the last kingdoms was the Guge Kingdom and the Shangshung Kingdom. We can still witness the beauty of these hidden Kingdoms. 

There is also one very important Bon monastery in Kunglung area. Bon was the native religion of Tibetans. 

Western Tibet has many sacred and important lakes including Manasarovar, Pangong Tso lake, and many other small lakes including Tagyal tso lake.

Western Tibet is also one of the hidden beauties of Tibet Changtang region. There is the Twin Lake Glacier, travelers can also enjoy the loop travel through Northern route and travel back through Southern route from Lhasa. One of the beautiful region Purang, which is located near the border of Nepal is also located in Western Tibet. 

Mount Kailash is known as one of the most sacred and important spiritual sites in our world. It is considered as one of the sacred mountains in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon. Many Local Tibetans with great devotion will do prostration all the way from their hometown to Mount Kailash in few months with a total of around 2000 Km 

Every year many western travelers are attracted and travelers will do pilgrim around the Kailash in the total 52 Km in 3 days duration.

Best month to travel Mount Kailash is from April end to October begin. Tibet Travelers 16 days Group tour or Private tour is one of the best well design tours to Western Tibet and Southern Tibet. 

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