What we can do near Tidrum Nunnery


They are 2 ways to start this beautiful day hike. Take a vehicle to Ding Chen Nunnery and hike from there or hike from Tidrum nunnery.

I have done this hike a few years ago on the Tibetan new year, it took me around 5-6 hours. I have met one Tibetan along the way who helped me to hike together at that time.

This time I have hiked with a few Tibetans from different regions in Tibet.

I went to Drigung Til monastery and after staying at Tidrum nunnery hot spring for few days in the nunnery guest house.

At the Tidrum nunnery hot spring, they were very less tourist during the beginning of October, they were many local Tibetans. At the nunnery restaurant, I have met some local Tibetans and I chat with them about what we can do near the nunnery.

1. Hike to the Du Dul Puk Meditation Cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche

The first thing we can do near the Tidrum nunnery is to hike 2 hours to the Dudul Puk meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche. The trail is very easy to find near the Nunnery, which is in the construction. Most of the Nuns will tell you where to find the trail to the Du Dul Puk. (Evil Conquered Cave) This is a very beautiful short hike, you can also meditate near the cave. The smell of the incense growing near the meditation cave smell very nice. Locals told me that it is the hair of the Dakinis.(Goddess) There are many special spiritual accomplish prints on the stone, which Nun will explain and also there is a holy water, which is very cold and tasty with lots of blessings. On the way, we will pass by many meditation houses of Nuns.

2.Hike from Tidrum Nunnery to the Drigung Somtuk Monastery

A Great Tibetan Yogi was meditating here during the 16th Century. His name was Gyalwa Ngawang Rinchen if I remember correctly.

This is also around 2 hours hike from the Nunnery towards west. This Monastery can be also possible to visit if we choose to do the 5-6 hours hike which I have mention earlier, which I will explain in detail again.

They are 5 Monks at that time. It is very peaceful and locals told me that once the Drigung Trilo Teaching, which happens every 12 years, happens near this Monastery but later, they were so many people so they have chosen to move near the Drigung Til Monastery.

3. Hike to Ding Chen Nunnery or take the vehicle to Ding Chen Nunnery

So here I am going to explain my two times of experience, I have hiked to Ding Chen Nunnery before, which took me around 2 hours. This time I have chosen to take the vehicle to Ding Chen Nunnery and hike from there. 

Ding Chen Nunnery is very peaceful with few Nuns. Inside the Nunnery, we can get the blessings from the beautiful statues of the Drigung Kagyu sects Masters and Maha Guru Rinpoche. Nuns are very humble and kind. 

We hiked from the Ding Chen Nunnery up to the highest point of the trek, which is around 5000M. From the top, we can see all the mountains nearby. It is so peaceful during the hike that, there is no even a barking of a dog. These places look so spiritual and it looks like the Palace of the Yogis.

To get the blessing from the Yogis, we meditated a few minutes before reaching the pass. After the pass, it was all way down till the Drigung SomTok Monastery. On the way down, we have to hold the rope to go down since it was very steep.

On the way going down, we also saw another trail route to the meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche, which might be difficult to find without local Tibetans help, also the route is very steep that we can't even walk, must roll slowly, we saw the trail and all we can say was wow.

The mountains near were also very different than other areas. We also saw a very beautiful crow in Dark Blue Color, which was my first time to see such a beautiful Crow.

After we visited Drigung SomTok Monastery, where we can get the blessing from Drigung Kagyu 16th Century Master Gyalwa Ngawang Rinchen and we hiked back to the Tidrum Nunnery, overall one whole beautiful 5 hours Kora. 

After having some Dinner at Nunnery Restaurant, we went to the Hot spring to relax.

This was one of my special experience near Tidrum Nunnery, I have seen few tourists comes here but they don't know what they can do here, nor their Guide tells them so I thought about sharing this useful information.

(P.S) There is also a steep hike route from Tidrum Nunnery to Drigung Til Monastery for very fitting hike lover Travelers as an option.

For traveling to Tidrum nunnery for few days, Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet, Email us at info@tibettravelers.com 


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