1 Gold star Shambhala Palace


Shambhala Palace is one of the cozy hotels in Tibet. 

It is one of the best places to spend nights in Tibet for couples and especially for Travelers who have a deep love for Tibet. 

Travelers who would love to have the feeling of spending a night in a Tibetan house or a monastery lookalike atmosphere.

Shambhala Palace is one of the branches of Shambhala Serai including the House of Shambhala, Shambhala branch near the Tidrum nunnery hot spring.

Shambhala Palace is managed by one of my friends Lobsang Jigme, who is a very humble Tibetan who speaks good English and Chinese. Most importantly he cares for Traveler's happy stay so that is one of the main reasons for me to share this article with the Travelers since Travelers' comfort is the number one mission of Tibet Travelers. 

Shambhala Palace is located in the Tibetan quarter, the old town of Lhasa, around 5-10 minutes' walk from Bhakor street and Jhokang Temple.

Shambhala Palace has 3 floors, walls are painted yellow like a monastery. The hotel is built on an old Tibetan house so it has the real feelings of staying in a Tibetan house.

They were few times that the moment Travelers get into the Shambhala Palace, most of the Travelers "wow" and Travelers loves Shambhala Palace, that is very important for Tibet Travelers.

Through my tourism experience, many Travelers loves to stay a night or two in a Tibetan house or a monastery and that's not possible so this is one of the best options for Travelers to witness the beauties of Tibetan house and a monastery lookalike atmosphere.

Shambhala Palace also has a beautiful rooftop resting place where Travelers can see the view of Potala Palace. In the summer the rooftop is a good place for Yoga or meditation.

Last year I have heard from the Manager Jigme that they might be building a restaurant on the roof and that will be a great place for Travelers. 

Photo: Room of Shambhala Palace 

If Travelers prefer to stay a night in Shambhala Palace, Tibet Travelers can arrange it for you. Travelers can also book through booking.com

Tibet Travelers has a good connection with Shambhala Palace. Many of our Travelers from 2017 have stayed in Shambhala Palace and 99 percent of Travelers love it. 

This is the information regarding Shambhala Palace. Tibet Travelers is making sure that our Travelers have some information about hotels options from Tibet Travelers.

Having a good sleep can change the whole mood of the next day's sightseeing so we highly recommend our Travelers The Shambhala Palace.

Thank you for reading our article on Shambhala Palace, Tibet Travelers will do its best to share more articles about other good hotels for our Travelers. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jan 27, 2018


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