15 Day free Visa for Singapore


China Visa is sometimes difficult to obtain if you don't get the correct information. 

15 Day China Visa-free for Singapore citizens 

Singapore Passport holders will have 15 days free visa in China including the tour days in Tibet Autonomous Region so which makes it much more convenient for Singapore Travelers to travel to Tibet.

This is great news for all Singapore Travelers since many highlights trips in Tibet are less than 10 days so Singapore Travelers can have a few more days in other cities of China including Chengdu.

Best city in China to fly from Singapore 

From Singapore, the best way to travel to Tibet is through Chengdu. All our previous Singapore Travelers have recommended traveling from Chengdu.

Singapore Travelers can also travel to Tibet through Chengdu and travel back to Xian City, where Travelers can visit the ancient culture museum.


Tibet Travelers have arranged tours for many Travelers from Singapore and we are delighted to say that we have received 5 stars reviews from previous Singapore Travelers.

Tibet Travelers welcome Travelers from Singapore to take this great opportunity and travel to Tibet.

We have English speaking Tibetan Tour Guide and also Chinese speaking Tibetan Tour Driver to make sure to have a great tour and easy communication while on the trip. 

Thank you for reading our article, for Tibet Travel free information or booking a Tour to Tibet. Live Chat DM on Instagram & We Chat or Email Tibet Travelers at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 20, 2023


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