18 Day ABC Trek And Woka Valley


The Journey includes Mount Everest North Col, where 15M Serek Glaciers and the route of climbers are located.  I have done this treks before with some Travelers and I would like to call these routes as one of the special trekking routes in Tibet.  All the Travelers can travel until the sign of Mount Qomolangma Base Camp and that is the actual 1st Base Camp of Mount Everest North Col, and North Face with an altitude of 5200M From the 1st Base Camp, they are two routes to trek towards Mount Everest North Col, and North Face. The Journey also includes Lhasa monasteries, Yamdrok Lake, Palkor chode monastery and Kumbum stupa in Gyantse, Tashilhunpo monastery in Shigatse, Sakya monastery, Rongbuk monastery via ending the tour at Lhasa and travel to Tidrum nunnery hot spring ( The best hot spring in Tibet with more locals ), Woka Choelong valley, and Lhoka  Tsetang prefecture with the first monastery in Tibet Samye monastery.

Tour Type: 18-Days Trek Tour

Group Size: Depend On Travelers

Tour Duration: 18 Days

Price: Depend On Season

    • All travel permits for Tibet
    • English speaking Tibetan tour guide
    • Pick up and drop off by airport bus
    • All transportation in Tibet per itinerary, a vehicle for the trip outside of Lhasa, taxis inside Lhasa
    • Vehicle tolls and Vehicle repairs(if necessary)
    • All administrative fees
    • All meals and accommodations for your guide
    • All lodging listed in the itinerary
    • Breakfast each morning
    • Entrance fees for the places listed in the itinerary 
    • One time welcome meal for the group
    • One box of mineral water plus shared 
    • Oxygen tank in the car
    • Camping Equipment (1tent shared 2 people ) 1 Mattress and 1 Sleeping bag per person 
    • Cook for the trek
    • Food in the trek
    • 2 Yak per person
    • Transportation costs to and from Tibet
    • Chinese visa fees and passport fees
    • Lunch and dinner
    • Personal expenses (laundry, photography fees, souvenirs etc)
    • Tips to the driver and guide

Day1. Pick Up From Airport Or Train Station And Transfer To Hotel

Upon your arrival at Lhasa airport or train station, you will be greeted by your Tibetan guide, from the airport to Lhasa city is 60km, around an hour drive will take you to the holy city Lhasa. Driving along the Brahmaputra river and Lhasa river. If you take the train to Lhasa, normally you will arrive in the late afternoon or evening, 20 minutes drive will take you to your hotel in Lhasa city. Check into hotel, have a good rest to acclimatize the high altitude.

Overnight at 4-star Tashinota hotel 


Day 2. Lhasa City Sightseeing, Visit Jokhang Temple And Sera Monastery(B)



After breakfast, you will visit the Jokhang, the holiest Buddhist temple in all of the Himalaya. Each day, many thousands of Buddhist pilgrims come here to worship. Many have traveled well over a thousand kilometers by foot to see this 1400-year-old temple. After lunch, you will visit the 600-year-old huge monastery complex of Sera. While at Sera, you watch the monks engage in entertaining Buddhist philosophical debates. In the evening, you will have free time to wander around the Old Town on your own.

Overnight at 4-star Tashinota hotel 


Day 3. Lhasa City Sightseeing, Visit Drepung Monastery, Potala Palace (B)



Today you will be arranged to visit Drepung, Potala Palace. Drepung monastery was once the world largest monastery in the history with 10,000 monks hailed from different monasteries all over Tibet.It is located on a small mountain so we can see the view of Lhasa city below.  After Drepung visiting the massive 1000 room Potala Palace, the most iconic building in Tibet. You will work your way up the steps of the Potala and then go through the most important rooms in this famous UNESCO site. After lunch, you will explore another one of Tibet’s important monasteries.

Overnight at 4-star Tashinota hotel


Day 4. Lhasa / Yamdrok Lake [4,441m] / Gyantse [3,980m] / Shigatse [3,840m], 360KM, 7hrs (B)



Morning drive up to Kampala pass [4794m], you will have a glimpse of Yamdrok-Tso and spectacular views of Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar in the distance, the turquoise coloured Lake Yamdrok Yutso is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, the unforgettable vista of pincer-shaped turquoise water of the lake and amazing spectacle of Mt. Nyenchen Khangsar glacier from Karo la pass is wonders of the day. Then along the Friendship southern Hwy drive to Gyantse, visit the famous stupa - Gyantse Kumbum, one of the most stunning architectural wonders in Tibet. Late afternoon drive to Shigatse.Overnight at Shigatse.

Overnight at 4 star Gesar Hotel


Day 5. Shigatse / Sakya [4,280m] / Pelber [3,950m], 200KM, 4hrs (B)



In the morning visit Tashilunpo Monastery after driving to Sakya and visit Sakya monastery on the way then drive to Pelber across Tsou-la Pass (4500m) and Gyatso-la Pass (5220m), with good weather you can see your first views of Mount Everest. At the end of the day’s 230km journey, we arrive in the evening at Pelber (New Tingri) (4300m).

Overnight in 2-star hotel in Pelber


Day 6. Pelber/New Tingri/ Geu La [5,200m] / Everest Base Camp [5,200m], 100KM, 4hrs (B)



On this day we will take you to the Geu La, offers a panoramic view of the glacier-covered Himalaya. From here, you can see 4 of the world’s 15 highest peaks, including Everest. From the Geu La, you will then go to Rongphu, the highest monastery in the world at just under 5000 meters in elevation.

The iconic view of Everest from here will be a high point of your journey! You will then continue on to the Tent Hotels, which operate from mid-April through mid-October. The Tent Hotels are the closest that travelers can stay to Mt. Everest and are located 2 kilometers from base camp. If you are traveling outside of this time frame, you will stay at the Rongphu Monastery Guesthouse.

From the Tent Hotels, elevation 5050 meters, you will take a separate bus the remaining 2 kilometers to base camp. If you’d like, you can also hike this last short distance. The driving distance from Shigatse to Everest Base Camp is 350 kilometers with the driving time being 7 hours.

Overnight in Black yak hair tent dormitory or Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse

No private bathroom, No Shower



Day 7. Acclimatization And Exploration At Everest Base Camp



Spending one full day at Everest Base Camp would not only be a memorable experience in itself but will also help greatly in acclimatization.

We can climb and explore beautiful hills nearby the base camp and enjoy the company of high Himalayan peaks. 



Day 8. Everest Base Camp To 2nd Base Camp (5,460m/17,913ft): 12 Km, 3 - 4 Hours



From Everest Base Camp, we initially trek alongside the Rongbuk Glacier, an impressive frozen ocean of ice waves. Then, after a short run over gravel terrain, we walk along the lateral moraine of the Rongbuk glacier and skirt the Glacier from its east side.

After an hour or so, we take the left path that leads steeply higher to the 2nd Base Camp. This camp is situated under a huge yellow rock. At this site, we enjoy the view of the Pumori Himalaya.



Day 9. 2nd Base Camp To Interim Camp (5,800m/19,028): 7 Km, 4 - 5 Hours



The Interim Camp lies on the end of a nearby glacier. Along with this trek, we enjoy the company of huge ice pinnacles. As we move ahead towards a dusty valley, we are welcomed with magnificent views of the East Rongbuk Glacier and high mountains like Pumori (7,161m/ 23,494ft) and Nuptse (7,861m/25,791ft). Although we might feel the high altitude, technically the route is quite easy. 

The valley is very peaceful and sometimes we will be walking on the dusty glaciers. 



Day 10. Trek To Changtse Base Camp (5,950m/19,520ft): 5 Km, 3 - 4 Hours



Changtse is located adjacent to the north of Everest, hence the name Changtse which in Tibetan means north peak. Today, we leave the 2nd Base Camp and trek towards Changtse Base Camp which provides perhaps the best panoramic view of Mount Everest. The short trek will also help us with acclimatization. Changtse Base Camp is surrounded by 15M Glaciers.



Day 11. Trek To Everest Advanced Base Camp And Back To Changtse Base Camp (6,340m/20,800ft) : 7 To 8 Hours



As we continue to follow the east side of the Rongbuk Glacier, we get closer to Everest and Lhakpa Ri (7045m). Walking along the moraine rubble, we arrive at our destination, the Advanced Base Camp of Everest (ABC) which is situated near the Changtse Glacier. From here, the Everest Top appears so close that one might feel tempted to summit the mountain.

In fact, the top of Everest is a little more than 2400 meters away from this camp. The Everest Advanced Base Camp is also the closest non-climbers can get to the top of Mt. Everest. From here we descend to Chagtse Base Camp where we will be spending the night. 


Day 12. Return To Everest Base Camp 5,200m



The return to Base Camp is a downhill trek.  Today, we aim to get back to the base camp as slowly as possible in order to avoid any kind of high altitude problems. On our way back, we enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape and a stunning view of Mount Everest north face and dusty glacier.

Overnight at Yak hair tea tent dormitory

No private bathroom and no shower


Day 13. Everest Base Camp / Shigatse 340km ( 7-8 Hours)



For Travelers who are planning to travel back to Lhasa, Today Travelers will drive from Mount Everest base camp to Shigatse, which is 340km with a driving duration of around 7-8 hours. 

Overnight at 4-star Gesar hotel



Day 14. Shigatse / Lhasa 280km (5-6 Hours)



Today Travelers will drive from Shigatse to Lhasa through northern friendship highway, which is 280km with a driving duration of 5 hours. 

Overnight at 4-star Tashinota hotel


Day 15 . Lhasa - Drak Yerpa Meditation Cave - Ganden Monastery - Drigung Till Monastery - Tidrum Nunnery Hot Spring [4,400m], 150Km, Around 5-6hours Drive (B)



After breakfast, we drive through Nachen la pass and drive into Yerpa valley and visit Drakyerpa meditation caves of great masters including King Srongtsen Gonpo, Guru Rinpoche, Atisha, Lalung Paldor. The meditation cave was built during the 7th century by the King Srongtsen Gonpo’s Tibetan princess to study and practice Buddha Dharma.

After Drakyerpa, we drive to Ganden monastery. The first monastery of Geluk school in Tibet. Ganden monastery was built in 1419 by Je Tsongkhapa. The kora hike around Ganden monastery is a beautiful way to enjoy the nature and valley with villages and river.

From Ganden, there is around 70km to Drigung till monastery, which is the main monastery of Drigung Kagyu school in Tibet. The best sky burial in Tibet is located at Drigung till monastery but it is only allowed to visit for local Tibetans. 

There is a Yogi in Drigung monastery namely Gelong Tashi Rapten, sometimes when the Yogi is not in meditation, Travelers can visit him for a blessing. After Drigung we drive to Tidrum nunnery hot spring. A small Nyingma Kagyu nunnery with a pure clean hot spring. Travelers can choose to spend a night in Tidrum nunnery guest house to spend more time with locals and enjoy the hot spring with the local Tibetans.

Overnight in Guest house in Tidrum nunnery

No private bathroom and no shower

Breakfast in the nunnery Restaurant


Day 16. Tidrum Nunnery - Siji Lhatso Lake - Woka Choelong Monastery - Hidden Beauties Woka Valley - Sangri Monastery - Tsetang [3,100m], 400Km, Around 7-8hours Drive (B)



Today we drive from Tidrum nunnery towards east to Siji Lhatso Lake, where we will witness the beautiful nature with different colors of flowers and mountains and grassland. We then drive to Woka valley to visit the Woka Choelong monastery. Once Tibetan master Je Tsongkhapa spends few years at Woka choelong to practice the Buddha Dharma. He practices prostration and mandala on hard stone, which the prints of his hand and body is still on the stone for a blessing.
Here if we are lucky, we can ask a more for short teaching, which Guide can translate. 

After we drive to Sangri monastery near Lhoka town. We then drive to Tsetang for a night.

3-star Post hotel


Day 17. Tsetang - Samye Monastery - Chimpuk Meditation Cave -Yemalung Meditation Cave [4,200m], 150 Km, Around 4-5 Hours Drive (B)



We drive to Yumbulakang Palace to witness the first palace and first field in Tibet, which dates back to around 3rd 4th century. After we drive to Samye monastery. We will visit Chimpuk meditation cave and Yemalung meditation cave for few hours hike on the hill plus if we have merit, we can get a chance to meet Yogis for a blessing and if they are not in meditation, we can chat with them about Buddha Dharma. We will also visit the nunnery at Chimpuk meditation cave and spend few minutes with the nuns for a blessing. 

Later we will visit Samye monastery, which is the first monastery in Tibet, built during the 8th century by King Trisong Deutsen and Guru Rinpoche and Kenchen Shewatso. 

Overnight in Guest house

No private bathroom and no shower


Day 18. Samye Monastery To Airport Dropping Off



Morning drive from Samye monastery to Lhasa airport dropping off, the time comes to say your farewells to your guide and driver, end of the trip in Tibet. Hope to see you again in Tibet. Tashi Delek!


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