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When it comes to social media, Tibet Travelers are always dedicated to sharing the hidden beauties of Tibet with the Travelers. 

The year 2017 was the year of sharing the Tibet travel photos. Tibet Travelers has shared more than two thousand Tibet travel photos on both Instagram page of Tibet Travelers and the Facebook page of Tibet Travelers.

Tibet Travelers is taking Tibet travel to the next level in the year 2018 via sharing many 10-15 seconds of Tibet travel videos including many unseen drone footage of Tibet with the Potala Palace. Tibet Travelers has also shared many time-lapse videos of the Tibet tour with all the Travelers.

Tibet Travelers would like to thank all the Travelers for showing their love and support on the social media of Tibet Travelers. 

We highly recommend Travelers to check our Instagram page for stunning Tibet travel videos to decide where to travel in Tibet.

Traveling to Tibet is a dream come true for many Travelers. Tibet Travelers stays active on social media and our website to share the latest Tibet travel updates, stunning Tibet travel photos, and Tibet travel videos to the world. 

One of the best ways to witness the beauties of Tibet will be trekking in Tibet. The hidden routes in the east face of Mount Everest Kharta Chutang Kangshung valley trek are our main trekking suggestions to all the Travelers. 

Travelers preferring not to trek can also plan to travel Ganden monastery in a connecting tour with Mount Everest North face base camp. The 1-2 hours hike to see the beauties of Ganden valley from the Ganden Lingkor route is very stunning. 

We have heard stories from previous Travelers who visited around seven different places in our world, and the favorite is Tibet. They are so many reasons Tibet is becoming the favorite travel destination for many Travelers.

The Top Ten reasons behind Tibet becoming a favorite for Travelers are:

  1. Tibet is the roof of the world and closest to the sky and the sun.
  2. Tibet is the home of nature with many snow mountains, rocky mountains, Lakes, rivers, grassland, and green forest. 
  3. The lord of mountain Kailash is in the western Tibet Ngari Prefecture. 
  4. Tibet is the home of Mahayana Buddhism since the 7th century. 
  5. Tibetan people are warm in the heart.
  6. The highest mountain in the world (Mount Everest ) is in Tingri County.
  7. Many hidden beauties in Tibet including the beautiful trekking routes.
  8. One of the best places to see the sunrise, sunset, and stars in the night.
  9. Tibetans are beautiful, and Tibetan culture is unique.
  10. Tibetan's devotion to Buddhism is beautiful. Home of many great masters including Je Srongtsen Gampo, Je Trisong Deusten, Je Kandro Yeshe Tsogyal, Je Marpa, Je Milarepa, Je Dakpo Laje, Je Rechungpa, Je Ra Lotsawa, Ja Machik Lapdron, Je Ling Repa, Je Pakmo Drupa, Je Tsang Nyon, Je U Nyon, Je Drukpa Kunley, Je Dromtonpa, Je Nog Lekpay Sherap, Je Go Tsangpa, Je Tokme Sangpo, Je Langri Tangpa, Je Potowa, Je Chen Ngawa, Je Kyopa Jigten, Je Long Chenpa, Je Jigme Lingpa, Je Tsongkhapa and so many other great Maha Siddha's which will take even few days to write all the names so Tibet is the birthplace and blessed by these great Buddha's.


In the 21st century, social media is the best place to connect face to face with the Travelers planning on traveling to Tibet, so Tibet Travelers is doing best to share the hidden beauties of Tibet with all the Travelers.

Instagram and Facebook are the two most active social media of Tibet Travelers. We will share more updates on Tibet travel and Tibet tour situations with fresh articles in future articles. 

Until now we have shared more than 50 Tibet travel short videos on Instagram. We have posted 2329 posts on the Tibet Travelers Instagram page.

Travelers can see the never-seen beauties of Tibet on our Instagram and Facebook page. We will be sharing Tibet travel photos and videos. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article. For Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email us at info@tibettravelers.com 

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Oct 01, 2018


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