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Tibet Travelers is the most active Tibetan Lhasa-based travel agency in the social media world. When it comes to the updates on Tibet travel regulations, Tibet Travelers again shares the latest Tibet travel updates asap.

Today's article is about the China Tibet group visa regulation updates from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal on September 26th, 2018.

Unlike many other regions, traveling to Tibet will need a special traveling permit namely Tibet Travel Permit. 

Passport scan and China visa scan are the two primary documents required to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit.

One of the best ways to travel to Tibet is from Nepal. They are two ways to visit Tibet from Nepal.

  1. Overland from Kyirong border town
  2. Flying into Lhasa, Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal

Tibet Travelers mostly recommend the flight to Tibet since recently the overland route from Nepal to Kyirong is not in good condition and also the altitude changes around 2000 meters in a day. 

The reason behind traveling to Tibet from Nepal is an excellent option because of the Tibet group visa.

Tibet Travelers travel agency will take care of the Tibet group visa with the help from our Nepal partner agency for Travelers traveling to Tibet from Nepal.

Tibet group visa fee rates including the service fee of our Nepal partner agency cost 200 US Dollars for the American citizen, and many other nationals will require 110 US dollars.

For more detail on the exact cost of Tibet group visas for each country. Travelers can visit our previous article about the China visa policy from Nepal.

Mount Everest is my hometown

China Tibet Group visa updates on September 2018 

  1. The new regulation needs at least five Travelers to obtain the Tibet group visa from Nepal.  Tibet Travelers would like to share these updates with all the Travelers planning to travel to Tibet from Nepal. 

Tibet Travelers is researching for a solution for solo Traveler, couple Travelers, or Travelers with less than five people.  Travelers can send us an email regarding this issue so we can share the details. 

To get the Tibet group visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Travelers will have to spend three full working days in Nepal and pass the original passport with visa fee to our Nepal partner agency.


Tibet Group visa plays the most significant role in obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit from the Tourism office in Lhasa. 

To make traveling to Tibet convenient for Travelers is one of the main aims of Tibet Travelers, so we are dedicated to sharing the latest updates on Tibet tour and Tibet travel. 

The Tibet travel regulations often change in Tibet. Travelers need no worry since Tibet Travelers will put all our effort to find the best solution for all the Travelers.

Thank you for reading Tibet Traveler's latest update on the Tibet group visas from Nepal.  Stay connected for more Tibet travel updates from Tibet Travelers. 

Travelers can also enjoy our stunning Tibet photos and short Tibet videos on our Instagram page. 

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Sep 26, 2018


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