2018 Types of Tourist vehicle in Tibet


Even though they are many different types of vehicles in Tibet but for tourism, only the vehicles with (L) number plate is allowed.  (L) number plate meaning travel. 

Below is the update of different types of tourist vehicle available in Tibet for Travelers from the year 2017

Most of the vehicles are very comfortable since most of them are quite brand new. 

9 Types of Tourist vehicle from the size of seats

1. Land Cruiser with 3 Travelers seat 

2. Prado with 3 Travelers seat 

3. Buick with 4 Travelers seat 

4. Shangwu Shandai Minibus with 6 Travelers seat 

5. Ford with 7 Travelers seat 

6. Quansun middle bus with 13 Travelers seat 

7. Coaster Bus with 17 Travelers seat 

8. Yu-tong bus with 21 Travelers seat 

9. Daba Big bus with 26 Travelers seat 


Nowadays around 90 percent of the roads in Tibet are paved and it is not necessary to have a land cruiser but for group tour Travelers it is best to travel in small group size around less than 6 people. 

The different vehicle offers different price per kilometer according to 3-4 different vehicles companies in Tibet.

For Travelers who are traveling with other Travel agencies, make sure to check the number plate of the vehicle (L) since only (L) number plates are officially tourist vehicles in Tibet.

Travelers always do best to arrange a comfortable tourist (L) number plate to our Travelers. Sometimes we also arrange Tibetan drivers who can speak both English and Chinese to have more help to our Travelers. 

For traveling information to Tibet, contact Tibet Travelers at info@tibettravelers.com 


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