2018 updates on Tibet Mount Everest


Almost 90 percent of the Travelers who are traveling to Tibet will travel to Mount Everest North Face base camp, located at Tingri county at the altitude of 5200 meters

They are a few updates on the Mount Everest region that Tibet Travelers would like to share with all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet. 

2018 Updates on Mount Everest North Face 

1. The first update is the height of Mount Everest, which was 8848 meters and now 8844 meters.

2. The paved road from Lhasa to Mount Everest final scenic spot with 620 kilometers.

3. The final scenic spot of Mount Everest base camp is now located at the tea tent accommodation near the upper Dza Rongbuk monastery.

For Travelers who would love to do the hike, we highly recommend doing the hike from Rongbuk monastery to upper Rongbuk monastery with 4 kilometers or hike near the upper Dza Rongbuk monastery. 

4. Entrance fees of Mount Everest national park are quite high as compared to other sightseeing in Tibet. For the vehicle, it cost 400 - 600 Renminbi per vehicle and for the Travelers including the Tour Guide costs 180 Renminbi per person.

It was great news when the Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa announced free entrance fees for almost all the sightseeing in Tibet from February to April 30th as a plan to welcome more Travelers to visit Tibet. 

We hope this good news happens similarly again in the year 2019 to welcome more Travelers to travel in Tibet.

5. Upper Dza Rongbuk monastery is a great place to visit for spiritual meditation lovers Travelers. There is an underground meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche from the 8th century. 

Travelers can also meet the local Tibetan Aku Sangay. Who takes care of the meditation cave and Dza Rongbuk monastery. It is a great way to ask him to roll dice to have some preview of the future via reading the scripture after getting the number from rolling dice.

6. Accommodation in the Mount Everest base camp is a black Yak hair tea tent with dorm beds, no private bathroom, and no shower. Travelers can also stay in the Rongbuk monastery guest house as an option. 

7. Bathrooms at Mount Everest is a squat Tibetan-style bathroom.

8. 3G and free wifi internet available at a few of the black Yak hair tea tents at the Mount Everest base camp. Travelers can send Emails or video chats with family via using whats app or Wechat.

9. April and May is the month when Travelers can meet the climbers and Tibetan and Nepalese Sherpas at the black Yak hair tea tent. 

Photo: Mount Everest beauties 

As compared to previous years, most of the climbers will climb Mount Everest around May 20th

10. The Best way to see Mount Everest from the Tibet side is trekking to the North Col advance base camp 6400 meters. Travelers will need a special permit from Tibet Mountain Associations in Lhasa which Tibet Travelers can obtain with the Travelers passport and China visa scans.

More information on Mount Everest North Col special trek

15 Days trek to the Mount Everest advance base camp

We also recommend Travelers to trek in the Kharta Kangshung Gama valley to see the beauties of the east face of Mount Everest.


Travelers should look forward to the spectacular view of Mount Everest when the color of the Mountain changes from yellow to orange and finally red because of the sunset. 

Mount Everest is also one of the best places to witness the beauties of shining stars in the night. 

8 Days to Mount Everest base camp is a bit of rush since traveling from Shigatse 3900 meters to Mount Everest base camp 5200 meters with 340 kilometers in Tibet passing by three passes nearly 5000 meters is a long duration so we highly recommend Travelers to stay a night in Pelber or Sheger town to adjust with the altitude and have more time in Mount Everest base camp. Travelers can also see the sunrise from Geu la pass 5200 meters if Travelers plan to stay a night in Pelber.

These are the few 2018 updated information regarding Mount Everest. Tibet Travelers will keep on updating. 

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Written By :Tenzin

May 11, 2018


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