2018 Updates on Tibet Mount Kailash


Mount Kailash is the most popular pilgrims and travel destination in Tibet.

The mountain itself is known as the land of Buddha Chakrasambhava. ( Korlo Demchok )

In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is the land of Shivaji. 

By looking at the mountain, we can even feel that it was once the center of our world like Egypt. Every year many Travelers will travel to Mount Kailash for blessings and adventure.  The spiritual kora trek route to Mount Kailash is 52km in total.

The first Buddhist pilgrim at Mount Kailash was Je Milarepa. ( Je meaning lord in Tibetan ) It was during the 11th century when Je Milarepa walked to Mount Kailash with instructions from his Lama Je Marpa.

Je Milarepa is the only person who has climbed Mount Kailash summit in the history of Tibet. 

Before decades Indian Sadhu's used to trek day and night all the way from India to Mount Kailash and practice spirituality near the Mount Kailash in solitude and it's beautiful.

When I was at Mount Kailash in the year 2005, the roads were not paved and they were only 1-2 guest houses at Darchen. We even slept at the hall of Monastery during that time but now things are different with more options. 

Photo: Beauties of Tibet from the sky

2018 Updates on Mount Kailash

  1. The paved black road from Lhasa to Mount Kailash Darchen town and paved road from Darchen to the Guge Kingdom and Ngari Singge Kapap city.
  2. 3-star hotel at Darchen with shower and private bathroom
  3. 2-star hotel at Dirapuk and Zutrulpuk monastery known as Shishapangma hotel 
  4. Vehicle route from Darchen to Dirapuk near Drolmala pass and Darchen to Zutrulpuk near Drolmala pass.
  5. Internet wifi in Darchen town.
  6. The entrance fee rises up to 150RMB for Mount Kailash with another 110RMB more for the eco-bus trip from Horchu to Darchen.
  7. Yokohama food restaurant from a friend Sam (Sonam) serving continental food, Indian, Nepali, and Tibetan food. Sam also speaks good English and he is a good friend of ours so if Travelers need any help in Darchen, look for Sam at Yokohama food restaurant. 

These are the few updates of Mount Kailash from Tibet Travelers. We will do our best to update more in our future articles. 


Mount Kailash is an important pilgrim and travel destination in Tibet. Before a few decades, drivers told us that they have to stay in the sand dunes for days because of the bad road condition. Now in the year 2018, it is possible to travel Mount Kailash for all age range of Travelers so we highly recommend Travelers to travel to Tibet Mount Kailash and start the 52 km pilgrim trek to purify the karmic deeds and have a great adventure of life. 

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Thank you for reading our article on Tibet Mount Kailash. Also known as Gang Rinpoche or Gang Tisi in Tibetan.

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 07, 2018


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