2019 Top Chosen Tibet Tours


2019 is starting with a beautiful tourism year as always. Starting from April 5th, Tibet Travelers' first group of Travelers have entered Tibet. 

Before sharing the article about our Top chosen Tibet Tours of 2019, we would like to share a piece of short information on the rules and regulations for traveling to Tibet.

Documents required to travel to Tibet

  1. China visa or China Tibet Group visa 
  2. Tibet Travel Permit

The above two documents are required to travel to Tibet. 

Travelers will need a China visa if Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet from China.

Travelers will need the China Tibet group visa if Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet from Nepal. 

Early booking 

Traveling to Tibet is much more different as compared to other places in China. Travelers will have to plan or at least book the tour to Tibet around a month or two, so we can issue the Tibet Travel Permit on time from the Tourism office in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Photo: Stunning view of Mount Everest from Rongbuk monastery 

Tour Options for Travelers

Tibet Travelers always focus on making tours to Tibet convenient for Travelers.

We have separated the Tibet tours into different categories with the prices ranging from the size of group tour from one person to six people.

We are also happy to arrange the group tour price as a private tour for Travelers traveling alone or a couple of friends or family with the number of Travelers from one to six people. 

Focusing on a smaller size group tour gives us a chance to take better care of Travelers. Our recommendation for the maximum size of the group tour is ten people.

Tibet Traveler's largest size group for the year 2019 until now is the eight Travelers from Malaysia. Check out the reviews from Malaysian Travelers on Trip Advisor

Photo: Eight Malaysian Travelers with our Tour Guide Norzin 

2019 Top Chosen Tibet Tours 

The top five chosen Tibet Tours of the year 2019 are: 

  1. 10 Day Ganden hike and Mount Everest
  2. 9 Day Mount Everest North Face Base
  3. 8 Day Mount Everest to Nepal Border
  4. 20 Day Kangshung Valley Trek 
  5. 16 Day Mount Kailash and Mount Everest

After spending around 4-7 hours in the vehicle Ganden hike is a great option to boost the beauties of the trip to Tibet. 

Reaching the roof of the world is a dream come true for many Travelers so Mount Everest is a special journey. 

Traveling from Tibet to Nepal via an overland journey is a great way to witness the beauties of both Tibet and Nepal. 

One of the favorites for trekking and camping Travelers is the hidden beauties of the Kharta Kangshung Gama valley trek. 

Photo: Spectacular Mount Kailash 

Traveling to Tibet itself is a spiritual journey. The spiritual journey becomes deeper when Travelers travel to Mount Kailash and start the 52 kilometers spiritual trek around the holy mountain Kailash. 


Tibet is the most beautiful place on the planet earth. Ninety-nine percent of the Travelers never regret traveling to Tibet. 

Even seeing the photos and short videos of Tibet via our Instagram and Facebook media is making Travelers share a deep love for Tibet. 

Having some idea about the best travel place in Tibet is a great way to plan the tour to Tibet. 

Photo: Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin's Thanks gift to eight Malaysian Travelers 

Tibet Travelers is a local Tibetan travel company in Lhasa. We are focusing on excellent service. We have received 100 percent excellent reviews on Trip advisor from Travelers all around the world. Travelers can check recent reviews of Tibet Travelers. 

Contact us via email at info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Jul 07, 2019


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