3-star Dhood Gu Hotel


Dhood Gu hotel meaning nine wish fulfillment hotel is located on the Shasarsur street 19 around 90 meters from Bhakor street. 

The Dhood Gu hotel is a Tibetan style hotel constructed in the year 2000 and owned by Tibetan and Nepali couples.

There are around 60 rooms and the most beautiful part is the rooftop view of Lhasa city with Potala Palace and Jhokang Temple. 

Dhood Gu hotel is famous for location and the clean Tibetan style rooms. The hotel is located in the middle of Tibetan residents near the local market Tromsikang, where Travelers can buy the foods and clothes for wholesale. 

The hotel offers breakfast on the roof of the hotel with a beautiful morning view of Lhasa city. 

Photo: Lhasa Dhood Gu Hotel Suite Room 

Dhood Gu hotel offers three different types of rooms, the twin room, double room, and the suite room. The price of the rooms are around 50-90 US Dollar depends on the quality. The size of the twin room is around 30m, the double room around 25m, and the size of the suite room is 60m.

At the moment of this article, Dhood Gu hotel is Ranked 9th in the Trip advisor. 


Few hotels located near Dhood Gu hotel are Yak hotel, Kyichu hotel, Shambhala hotel, House of Shambhala, and Tashichoeta hotel.

From our personal point of view, it is very important to spend a night near the Tibetan quarter so Travelers can walk around near the local Tibetan area at Bhakor street and Jhokang Temple when the sightseeing tour finishes.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 30, 2018


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