4-star Shambhala Hotel

Shambhala Hotel situated in the heart of Lhasa city with around 50 meters from the Jokhang Temple's Square. 

Shambhala Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Lhasa. It was reconstructed with a  few new designs in the year 2017 and it is officially a 4-star hotel with best location of 30meters from Jokhang Temple. 

The hotel has nearly 100 rooms with a 4-floor building. They are three types of rooms:

  1. Common Room ( Double bed or single size bed )
  2. Deluxe Room ( Double bed or single size bed )
  3. Suite Room ( Double bed or single size bed )

Tibet Travelers arrange the Deluxe room for our Travelers. 

Photo: Bathroom 

Shambhala hotel has the best location since it is only 3 -5 minutes walk to the Jokhang Temple.

Hotel Nearby

  1. Tibetan Family Kitchen
  2. Summit Cafe 
  3. Oldest tea house ( Gamchung Sakang )
  4. Tourist Shops of Dangayling road 
  5. Minzu Market Shop 
  6. Tsemonling road
  7. Lhasa Kitchen and Rooftop Vegetarian Restaurant 
  8. Burger King
  9. KFC and Pizza Hut

The hotel is a great location for food and market. 

The number one rated restaurant in Lhasa is namely Tibetan Family Kitchen. It is situated around 5-minute walk from the Shambhala Hotel. Contact Namdol : 138 8901 5053 

Summit cafe is one of the best cafes in Lhasa. It is situated inside the courtyard of the Shambhala hotel. 

Opposite of the hotel is the oldest tea house in Lhasa. Gamchung tea house offers tea for 8 Jiao per glass and 6 RMB for a bowl of noodles. Great place to meet the locals. 

Photo: Shambhala Hotel Lobby 

The gate of the Shambhala hotel is at the most popular street in Lhasa namely Dangayling road. This is the street where all the popular tourist shops are located. 

Minzu market is a place for wholesale gifts. The second floor is a great place to see the beauties of many popular Tibetan Thangkas including from Eastern Tibet Kham and Amdo. 

Tsemonling is the road where Travelers can walk towards the Potala Palace. It is the three road junction before entering into the Dangayling road. 

Lhasa Kitchen and the Rooftop vegetarian restaurant are situated opposite side of the hotel with 30 meters towards the right. 

Burger King is on the second floor of the Minzu market. 

KFC and Pizza Hut can be found via making a kora walk around the Jokhang Temple in the Bhakor street. 

Photo: Deluxe Double Bedroom 

They are many other local Tibetan restaurant options near the hotel.


Having a great sleep while traveling in Tibet will definitely boost the comfort of the trip to Tibet so Tibet Travelers always focus on comfort hotels with a great location.

Staying near the Jokhang Temple is a blessing since it is the oldest town in Lhasa. This is where Lhasa was started as many elders say.

Having a great location in the old town gives a chance to walk for market, sunset, and sunrise after or before the tour.

It is around 20 minutes walk or 5 minutes by taxi or cycle man to the Potala Palace. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on 4-star Shambhala Hotel. We will do best to share more hotels of Lhasa for Travelers in our future articles. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 09, 2019


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