5 Reasons for traveling to Tibet


They are so many reasons for traveling to Tibet.

One of the most important reason is Tibet is the home of nature. Almost all the Travelers love the beauties of Nature.  Blessing of nature makes us peaceful naturally.

Tibet Travelers would like to share few of the highlight nature in Tibet where Travelers can travel to witness the beauties of Tibet.

1. Mount Everest North Face 

Mount Everest is also known as Chomolungma in the local Tibetan language. It is the highest mountain in our world with the elevation of 8848M, located in the Shigatse region, Tingri County, around 30km from the Chozom village and around 8km from the Rongbuk monastery.

Mount Everest North Face Base Camp is one of the most popular travel destinations in Tibet. Sunset of Mount Everest from the Tibet side is the main highlight, the color of Mount Everest changes from yellow to orange and finally red. 

2. Namtso Lake 

Namtso lake is located in the Northern Tibet Nakchu region, Damxung County. Around 240km one way from Lhasa, with a driving of 5 hours. 

Namtso lake is one of the best places to witness the beauties of a lake surrounded by mountains and grassland. Namtso lake is the home of Nomads.

Namtso lake is also one of the best places to enjoy the sunset, sunrise, and stars at night. 

3. Mount Kailash 

Mount Kailash is a holy mountain for many Religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, and Jainism. It is also one of the most important beautiful nature in Tibet.

The special thing about Mount Kailash is, it is covered with snow all the time.

Even during the warm season when snow on the mountains near Kailash was melted even though some of these mountains are as tall as Kailash. 

Mount Kailash is a pilgrim destination for many spiritual seekers and also Travelers from different regions of our world.

There is a spiritual trek route of 52Km in 2-3 days duration with the highest elevation trek route around 5400M Drolma la pass. 

Photo: Beauties of Tibetan traditional dress

4.Nyingtri Green Region

Nyingtri is located in the East of Tibet, around 500km one way. Nyingchi or Nyingtri is also known as Switzerland in Tibet because of the beautiful Nature of snow mountains including Mount Namchak Barwa ( Thunder Bolt ) and green region of Lulang.

Elevation of Nyingtri or Nyingchi is lower as compared to Lhasa, around 2600M 

There is also an airport in Nyingtri, Miling county. There is a direct flight from Chengdu to Nyingchi, ticket cost around 1500-1600RMB per ticket one way.

This is a great option for Travelers who love to see the green regions of Tibet. Nyingtri also has a beautiful lake Draksum Tso.

5. Tibetan Buddhism 

 Since the 7th Century, our great Ancestors have traveled to the center of Buddhism Nalanda in India making Tibet the center of Mahayana Buddhism and the birthplace of many great Maha Siddhas. 

The beauty of Mahayana Buddhism is the stories of great Yogis, which has started in India and remained in Tibet. These great Yogis are my ancestors and they are my admiration.


Tibet is a great choice to travel for all the Travelers around the world. We have met many Travelers who told us, they don't want to go home. We would like to Thank you for your love towards Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers would like to welcome all the Travelers to travel to Tibet and witness her beauties with Tibet Travelers.

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Written By :Tenzin

Apr 02, 2017


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