7 Day Amdo Nomad Group Tour


Amdo is the home of beautiful nature with vast grasslands surrounded by Tibetan nomads living in harmony with the animals and the environment.

This camping tour with Tibetan nomads gives an exciting opportunity to learn about an ancient way of life while intimately experiencing beautiful Tibetan culture.

Seven days Tibetan nomads adventure tour in Zoige grasslands, located in the northwest of Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province.

There are about 460 kilometers from Chengdu to Zoige county. This tour is a great chance to visit Tibetan nomadic families and experience the nomadic lifestyle via milking yaks, making yak butter, herding yaks, and riding horses with local Tibetan nomads.

The Tour also includes peaceful moments with local Tibetan nomads via drinking butter tea, eating yak jerky, and swapping stories.

Highlights of the tour

  • Authentic Tibetan home-stay tour.
  • Vast grasslands of Zoige, the largest grassland in Amdo.
  • In-depth experience of traditional nomadic culture.
  • Helping nomads milking yaks and cooking meals.
  • Camping, horseback riding, and short hikes.
  •  The 7-days trip begins and ends in Chengdu, China.
  • 1-night homestay, two nights in the hotel, and four nights camp.
  • The average altitude of the tour is 3300 meters.
  • The tour will be available from May to September


May to September: 1,300 USD per person 

Price discount to urge more people to book this tour together:

If four people book this tour together, we will offer a discount of 200 US Dollars per person.

If three people book this tour together, we will offer a discount of 100 US Dollars per person.

No discount for one person or two people booking the tour even if the size became three people or four people. 


Below the price is two people sharing one room. If Travelers prefer to have a separate room, the cost is 100 US dollars extra. 


Tour Type: 7-Days Group Tour

Group Size: Min 2 People / Max 6 People

Tour Duration: 7 Days

Price: 1,300 USD

  1. All the ground transportation fees in Amdo
  2. Experienced driver and minivan or minibus according to group size
  3. Personal, comfortable, clean, and safe transportation
  4. Personal knowledgeable Tibetan English-speaking guide
  5. All accommodation (2 nights accommodation based on double occupancy)
  6. Home-stay in Serzuma village and camp with local nomadic families
  7. Meals: breakfast, lunches, and dinner (drink included: tea or mineral water)
  8. Half-day horse riding in Tangkor
  9. Entrance ticket fees for sites included in the program
  10. Tibetan driver and driver's and guide’s food & accommodation
  11. All the camping equipment (Tents and Mattresses)
  12. All the road tolls and fuel costs
  13. Administrative fee
  1. Passport and Chinese Visa fees
  2. International and domestic airfare/train ticket
  3. Single room supplement
  4. Insurance (travel, medical, etc)
  5. Tips for the Tibetan guide and the driver
  6. Your own expenses

Day 1: Chengdu - Meiyaluo - Serzuma village / 430km 7 hrs / Homestay

Our guide and driver will come to meet your group at the hotel and then continue the drive to Ngawa. The Sichuan part of Amdo lies within Aba / Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in far northern Sichuan province. Today it's a long drive to Serzuma village, and once you arrive at Tibet Plateau, there are thousands of yaks covering the vast grasslands, and nomadic tents see everywhere on the grasslands. Continue drive to Serzuma Village, A beautiful semi-nomadic village in the Ngawa area. You will have a chance to stay with a local Tibetan family. It's also a very nice place to hike and walk in an authentic Tibet village.

Overnight homestay in Serzuma village

Day 2: Serzuma village - Chongche grasslands - Tangkor 150km / 3hrs  Camp

Today we will drive to Tangkor town through the most beautiful grasslands in Asia, Zoige and Chongchu grasslands filled with yaks, sheep, and horses.  Drive along the Kyachu river to Tangkor, there is an excellent chance to nomadic families and yaks along the road. Tangkor is a small Tibetan nomadic village located along the Kyachu River and Yellow River. Once there in Tangkor camp with local nomadic family and prepare for your horse riding adventure.


Day 3: Tangkor Town - Nomad Summer Place 3430m / 2hrs

In the morning, we will drive to nomad summer place throughout grassy hills and open grasslands, beautiful grasslands filled with wildflowers and animals on the way to the nomads summer place. There is a perfect chance to taste some yak milk tea and yak yogurt. Today we will visit 2 or more Tibetan nomadic families on the way to our camping site.

Camp with the local nomads

Day 4: Camp with local nomads / Camp

Experience firsthand the lifestyle of Tibetan nomads. Join the nomads herding yak and sheep and making yak butter, cheese and yogurt. Try riding a yak. You might fall off, and the nomads might laugh at you, but then they will help you back on. 
There is an excellent chance to learn nomads' live and help them make yak butter and yak cheese. Herd yaks and sheep, help nomads to collect yak dung. Learn Tibetan food with local nomads and cook your own meals with them.


Day 5: Tangkor grasslands / Horse Riding

Spend another day with local nomads to experience their life and there is a very good chance to join local nomads horse racing hold in the summer places. We will take the chance to meet more local nomads and see their horses racing on the opened grasslands.


Day 6: Chongche county ( Ch Hongyuan) 100kms / 2hrs Hotel

Today drive to Chongche county through rolling grasslands filled with yaks and animals. Visit giant Stupa in Mewa, afterward, continue to drive to Change. Have a nice shower once arrive at your hotel.

Stay overnight in Chongche

Day 7: Chongche - Wenchuan-Chengdu 420kms / 7hrs / Hotel

In the early morning, drive back to Chengdu via Chongche grassland and Gyarong valley filled with evergreen trees. Once in Chengdu say goodbye to our Tibetan guide and driver, end your pleasant Amdo nomads adventure tour in Chengdu.

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