8 Days Tour Lhasa to Kyirong Nepal Border


Most of the Tours arranged by Tibet Travelers are very special but there is still one tour that makes Tibet Travelers a little bit different from other local Tibetan travel agencies is our 8 days tour from Lhasa to Nepal through Kyriong Border. 

Tour from Lhasa to Nepal border is favorite for many travelers. There are so many reasons,  and one of the reason, Nepal is the best gateway after Traveling to Tibet. 

This Tour of 8 days is focused on both Nature, Tibetan Culture, and Tibetan Buddhism.  

Tour will visit many of the important monasteries inside Lhasa, one of the biggest monasteries in Shigatse Tashilhunpo, 14th Century Magnificent stupa with many beautiful wall paintings at Gyantse Kumbum stupa. After visiting many Tibetan Buddhism Gelukpa school, finally, we will explore a unique Dark blue color Sakya monastery and Rongbuk monastery. Sakya monastery was once central to Tibet during the time of Mongol Kings who were followers of Sakya school. Rongbuk monastery is one of the highest located monastery in our world with the elevation of 5050M, the meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche at Upper Rongbuk monastery is a highlight which we always recommend to our travelers to have short meditation in this small underground cave. 

The tour not only focuses on monasteries, it will highly focus on the beauties of Nature. Nature is the best friends of Human. Being with nature will make us peaceful without any effort. 

Yamdrok Lake is blue in color surrounded by rocky mountains. Karo la Glacier is a great option for a short hike to be with Nature. Great place to have a short meditation. Mount Everest North Face Base Camp is the highlight of the tour, sunset, sunrise, and stars at night makes this trip even more special, we always pray our Travelers to have great weather on the whole tour.

Old Tingri is a town from where we can have a beautiful view of Mount Cho Ou Yo, 8210M 4th Highest Mountains in our world. 

Phikutso lake is one of the holy lakes, where Maha Jetsun Milarepa used to meditate during the 11th Century. The Nature near the lake is so special with fresh air, cool water and most importantly the grass, which helps the meditation concentration so that the reason Maha Jetsun Milarepa chose this area for meditation.

Mount Shishapangma, 8012M Only one mountain above 8000m fully planted in Tibet can be seen on the way to Kyirong.

Kyirong is one of the hidden beauties of Tibet, it was closed for many years but great news that on 2017 August 28th, Kyirong border has been opened for all the Travelers around the world. Kyirong is rich in Nature, surrounded by snow mountains and green forest and running rivers.

Since everywhere in our world is developing so it is hard to see the true original beauties, so that makes Tibet Travelers would like to focus on this 8 days Tour from Lhasa to Nepal Kyirong Border. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jun 07, 2017


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