8 Expats Travelers 2021 Tibet Trek


Thanks to Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau for resuming the Tibet travel permit for Expats Travelers.

Once again special Thanks go to eight Expats Travelers from Shanghai for booking the tour with Tibet Travelers. 

We are happy to update the Tibet travel permit situation and also excited to share the short details of the recent Tibet trek tour.

Travelers have shared that living in one of the largest cities in China (Shanghai) is busy life so they wanted to spend some time with nature.

Also staying in the office almost every weekday so they wanted to have an adventure tour that includes a trek with lots of walking so we finalized the 11 Days Tibet trek tour from Ganden to Samye monastery



The tour started during the beginning of the October holiday by taking a train from Xining to Lhasa. Our partner in Xining arranged the train tickets for Travelers during the busy October holiday. The train ride from Xining to Lhasa is around 23 hours. One of the Traveler took a flight from Shanghai to Lhasa, we bought the lowest priced ticket for Traveler but had difficulties landing at Xi An so we changed the ticket to a direct flight to Lhasa on the same day.

The tour started with 2 days in Lhasa visiting the local street and the monasteries in Lhasa. On Day 3, Travelers started the trek of the first day from Ganden. 8 Travelers with 8 Yaks and 2 Yak men, and 1 cook.

On the first day, a few of the Travelers had a little headache and the trek was a little bit difficult since this trekking tour was from Ganden to Samye with two high mountain passes around 5000 meters needed to climb. The next day most of the Travelers were adjusted to the altitude.  



After the trekking tour, Travelers added another two days tour to Yamdrok Lake and Karo la Glacier so total it was 13 days. Check out the above stunning video from our group leader Sir John. 


 The stunning beautiful nature and the positive energy from local Tibetans are a few of the reasons to travel to Tibet. 

 Choosing a trekking tour is a great choice for Travelers working in an office or home most of the time. The trekking tour keeps us both physically and mentally healthy and fit. 



Travelers loved our Tour Guide, Tour Driver, and Cook. We are also very happy that with the help of Travelers, we are able to provide work for local people. Thank you once again for booking a tour with Tibet Travelers. Check out the Reviews from Travelers

Expats Travelers in other cities of China can add our WeChat: tibettravelers or scan the code below. We will make sure to arrange a great tour for you. See you in Lhasa soon. 

Written By :Tenzin

Oct 21, 2021


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