ATM Bank Currency in Tibet

ATM Bank Currency in Tibet

Hey there! When traveling to Tibet, questions about ATM availability, banking options, and currency are essential.

There are around 4 to 5 varieties of banks in Tibet.

1. Bank of China 

2. China Construction Bank (CCB)

3. China Agricultural Bank (ABC)

4. Bank of Tibet

5. ICBC Bank 

In Tibet, only a handful of banks offer Credit cards, Master Cards, and Visa cards that are functional for withdrawing money. The Bank of China is the largest in China and accepts both visa and master cards.

I had the pleasure of accompanying a fellow traveler from Europe to withdraw money from a bank in Lhasa, Tibet. To our surprise, the only bank that allowed us to withdraw money was the China Agricultural Bank (ABC). For those who have had trouble withdrawing money from other banks, we highly recommend trying the China Agricultural Bank (ABC). 

Your bank card may have a daily withdrawal limit of around 2000-4000 RMB while traveling.

China Currency

The currency we use is the Chinese Renminbi, also called the Yuan.

The highest denomination is 100RMB. You can now exchange 1 USD for about 7.1 RMB at money changers and the Bank of China.

If you're coming from Europe, 1 EURO is worth around 7.73 RMB at the same places. And if you need US Dollars, you can exchange them for Renminbi at the same rate. I hope that helps!

Our company, Tibet Travelers, has a friend who can come to the hotel and exchange money with our assistance anytime. Generally, the rate offered is comparable to that of the Bank of China in Tibet. The Bank of China can convert US dollars and Euros into Chinese Renminbi.

When traveling to Nepal and Tibet, it is highly recommended by both Travelers and Tibet Travelers to exchange Chinese RMB for Nepalese Rupees at the border town of Kyirong with the assistance of our Tour Guide. Currently, 1 RMB is equivalent to approximately 18 Nepalese Rupees.

ATM in Tibet 

ATMs allow travelers to withdraw Chinese Renminbi from the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and China Agricultural Bank in all the larger cities and some smaller towns listed.

  1. Lhasa
  2. Shigatse
  3. Tsetang
  4. Nyingchi
  5. Ali Ngari
  6. Gyantse
  7. Lhatse
  8. Saga 
  9. Tingri
  10. Tada
  11. Darchen
  12. Kyirong

In Tibet, ATMs are located in various towns and cities. However, there is a daily limit on money withdrawals ranging from 2000-4000RMB.

The following details pertain to Banks, Money, ATMs, Credit Cards, and Currency in Tibet.

If you're interested in booking a tour to Tibet, please email us; we'll be happy to help you. Our team loves helping travelers plan their dream trips, so don't hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Written By :Tenzin

May 28, 2023


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