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Money, ATM, and Currency are some of the important questions Travelers are asking Tibet Travelers. 

To make it convenient for all Travelers, Tibet Travelers would like to share all the detailed information.


They are 4-5 Banks in Tibet. 

1. Bank of China 

2. China Construction Bank (CCB)

3. China Agricultural Bank (ABC)

4. Bank of Tibet

5. ICBC Bank 

Even though they are a few different banks in Tibet only in few banks have Credit cards, Master Cards, and Visa cards that will work to withdraw money. 

Bank of China is known as the biggest Bank in China. They accept visa cards and master cards. 

Recently I have gone with one Traveler from Europe to withdraw money from the Bank in Lhasa, Tibet. We were amazed that only in the China Agricultural Bank (ABC) we were able to withdraw money so for Travelers who cant withdraw money from the Bank of China or other banks, we recommend using China Agricultural Bank (ABC)

There is a withdrawal limitation of around 2000-4000 RMB per day depending on Traveler's bank card.


The currency used in Tibet is the Chinese Renminbi (RMB) also known as Yuan. 100RMB is the highest currency. At the moment 1 USD is around 7.1 RMB at the money changer and Bank of China. 1 EURO is around 7.73 RMB at the money changer and Bank of China. Travelers can also change Renminbi to US Dollar at the same rate at the moment. 

Photo: Saga Dawa Festival 

Tibet Travelers has a money changer friend who can come to the hotel to change money at any time with our help. Most of the time the rate is similar to the Bank of China in Tibet.

The Bank of China can also change the US dollar and Euro into the Chinese Renminbi. 

Travelers traveling to Nepal, and Tibet Travelers highly recommend changing the Chinese RMB to Nepalese Rupees at the Border of Nepal and Tibet Kyirong town with the help of our Tour Guide.  At the moment 1 RMB is around 18  Nepalese Rupees. 


They are ATMs from the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and China Agricultural Bank in all the bigger cities and a few towns listed below where Travelers can withdraw money in the Chinese Renminbi.

1. Lhasa

2. Shigatse

3. Tsetang 

4. Nyingchi 

5. Ali Ngari 

6. Gyantse 

7. Lhatse 

8. Saga 

Even though they are ATMs in many towns and cities in Tibet, there is a money withdrawal limitation per day of around 2000- 4000RMB

These are a few pieces of information regarding the Banks, Money, ATMs, Credit Card, and Currency in Tibet. 

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Written By :Tenzin

May 28, 2023


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