Beauties behind Tibetan Ladies


Tibetan ladies are one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet earth. 

Tibetan ladies are beautiful both in look and in the heart. 

Three different features of Tibetan Ladies

  1. Tibetan Ladies from U-Tsang 
  2. Tibetan Ladies from Kham 
  3. Tibetan Ladies from Amdo 

Tibetan Ladies from U-Tsang

The Tibetan Ladies from Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang, Ngari, Kongpo, and Nagchu are known as the Tibetan Ladies from U-Tsang.

The qualities of Tibetan ladies from U-Tsang

  1. Kind in heart, deep in spiritual.
  2. Love having a big family and Keeping the family firm. 
  3. Expert in dance. 
  4. Good in cook.
  5. Beautiful face. 
  6. Smart in nature. 
  7. Clam personality with a smooth talker.
  8. Diligent at work.
  9. Tight-fisted. 
  10. Love traveling and love working outside of my hometown. 



Tibetan Ladies from Kham

The Tibetan Ladies from Chamdo, Litang, Derge, Garze, Denpa, Kangding, Ngawa, and Shangrila are known as the Tibetan Ladies from Kham.

The qualities of Tibetan ladies from Kham

  1. Tall and beautiful white shiny skin. 
  2. Diligent at housework and spiritual.
  3. Straightforward personality.
  4. Expert in singing. 
  5. Good in cook.
  6. Nomad ladies are strong.
  7. Kind in nature.
  8. Love wearing larger ornaments.
  9. Strong in the heart for spiritual.
  10. Active on social.

Tibetan Ladies from Amdo

The Tibetan Ladies from Labrang, Repkong, Kumbum, Zongkha, Tso Ngon, Yushu are known as the Tibetan Ladies from Amdo.

The qualities of Tibetan ladies from Amdo

  1. Tall and beautiful white shiny skin.
  2. One of the most beautiful Tibetan ladies.
  3. Love going long pilgrim. 
  4. Mostly Nomads and they are strong in nature. 
  5. Love singing and dancing.
  6. Deep in spiritual.
  7. Expert in housework. 
  8. Traditional ladies.
  9. Strong habit.
  10. Smart in nature. 

The clothing difference of Tibetan Ladies

The Tibetan Ladies from U-Tsang wear black heavy woolen Tibetan Chupa dresses.

The Tibetan Ladies from Kham and Amdo wear many different colors of Tibetan Chupa dress. 

Most of the Kham and Amdo Tibetan ladies love to wear traditional dresses. 




Tibetan ladies are the most beautiful ladies on earth. The reason behind this is the fresh clean water coming straight from the mountains.

Another reason is the real organic food Barley wheat Tsampa, Milk, Meat, Cheese, and Fruits.

Tibetan Ladies are clean in heart and beautiful in personality. 

They are rich in spirituality and diligent at housework. 

Tibetan Ladies have a beautiful faces with high noses and big eyes. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 28, 2018


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