Benefits of NoFap


Health is wealth as all the smart people in the world agree.

Tibet is the roof of the world with an average altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. Traveling to Tibet is a beautiful journey of life for Travelers.

 Having a healthy body and mind is very important while traveling in Tibet.

They are many ways Travelers can keep their body healthy by doing exercise or short hike near home before traveling to Tibet. 

Travelers can also watch videos or read books on love and compassion to have a healthy mind while traveling to Tibet.

This time Tibet Travelers brings one more unique way to keep body and mind healthy while traveling to Tibet.  Our unique way is NoFap.

What is NoFap mean?

NoFap means abstaining from masturbation and watching pornography. 

Before explaining the benefits of NoFap. Tibet Travelers would like to share some information on Sperm. 


Sperm is known as Tigley in Tibetan. Tantric Buddhism is one of the highest levels to transform the human body into an extraordinary.

In Tantric Buddhism, the three vital energy is wind as Long, channel as Za, and Sperm as Tigley. 

Before 2500 years ago, Tantric Buddhism has already taught the essence of Sperm and not to waste the Sperm.

The human body gives so many effects on the mind as Jetsun Milarepa says:

If mind and body are separated, why the mind is in pain when the body becomes sick?

If mind and body are attached? Why do mind and body become separated at the time of death?

Sperm is the heater of our body. NoFap keeps our body warm since Tibet is known as one of the cold regions in the world. 

Now even Scientist agrees that Sperm is the main essence of the human body.

If a Sperm can give life to another newly born human, we can easily understand its importance. 

Protecting the Sperm is equal to preserving the energy of our body. The energy in our body will have a significant effect on our minds. 

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Benefits of NoFap while traveling in Tibet

  1. When we waste our energy by Fap, we became lazy, have no energy, and try most of the time, so there is a reason to get sick of high altitude because of a weak body, it will affect our mental comfort and ruin the whole trip. When we are in NoFap, our energy remains with us. Having too much energy can help to enjoy the beauties of Tibet with full strength. Travelers with full of energy cheer up everyone and give great influence to all the Travelers traveling in Tibet including the local Tibetans.  
  2. Not watching pornography will keep the mind healthy. It will help to focus the mind on the beauties of Tibet continuously while traveling in Tibet.
  3. Not wasting the Sperm is the main essence to have a younger body and healthy mind since it slows aging. Sperm is also the main essence to hold the hair on the human skull, so NoFap helps to keep the hair stronger and not falling. This will give a significant impact on the body via looking younger and also keep the mind in a happier mood because of self-confidence.
  4. NoFap boosts the excitement of pleasure with your partner both physically and mentally.
  5. NoFap helps to change negative habits. NoFap gives so much time for positive thoughts, reading books, and meditation. 

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Tibet Travelers will do best to share another article on how to change the Habit in a future article.


NoFap is the way to happiness. The habits we have are extreme and hard to change so we recommend Travelers to think on other topics or go for a walk when the thoughts of Fap come to mind. 

Once we get used to Nofap, we will become healthier both outwardly and inwardly. 

Most of the vital sightseeing in Tibet are at high altitude areas, so it is essential to be healthy while traveling in Tibet. 

Health is like sunshine for the trip to Tibet, so Tibet Travelers has focused on the article on NoFap. 

We hope the above article be useful for Travelers planning on traveling to Tibet. 

Travelers can also leave a comment for feedback so we can improve. Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Oct 10, 2018


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