Best Months to travel to Tibet


One of the main reasons for writing this blog is Tibet Travelers are asking about the best months for traveling to Tibet so travelers can plan their trip accordingly but before writing this blog, we would like to clarify the meaning of best.

The word which we have used often known as best must be explained in a few words.

Best means for the weather?

Best means for the festival?

Best means for the Beauties of Nature?

Best means for the lower cost?

Best means for the less touristy and more local Tibetans?


So all these should be explained in some words.

Before explaining the best, we would like to share the months which are possible to travel to Tibet.














Best Month to travel Tibet according to the weather?


1. If Travelers love the warm weather, the best month to travel in Tibet will be from April to October, according to the weather in previous years, June end will be the rainy season in Tibet but this year it was a bit different since it was raining in May so rainy season in Tibet is hard to predict but according to previous year it will be in June end of July mid.


2. If Travelers love the cold weather, the best month to travel in Tibet will be from November to January since it is the winter season in Tibet, sometimes it will snow outside of Lhasa.


Best Month to travel to Tibet according to the festival?


1. One of the biggest festivals in Tibet is Saga Dawa (Tibetan Lunar month of April each year) This is the month Buddha Shakyamuni came to our world, ordained, enlightened, and reach the state of Parinirvana. During this month, many Tibetans from different regions of Tibet will come to Lhasa for pilgrimage doing kora, chanting the mantra, prostration, and many other spiritual deeds. Each Year, Saga Dawa happens at the end of May or mid-June. For more information on Saga Dawa festival dates, check below at this blog. 


2. Yogurt Festival (Also known as Shoton Festival in the Tibetan language) This festival is also the second-largest festival and it will be the festival that gathers many Tibetans from a remote area to Lhasa for a blessing at Drepung and Sera monastery with the biggest Thangka of Buddha’s and Tibetan opera dance at Norbulingka Palace. On this day, many Tibetans will wake very early in the morning around 2-3 am to visit Drepung on a line of blessings from the biggest wall Thangka of present Buddha Shakyamuni and after visiting Sera Monastery for blessings from wall Thangka of future Buddha Gyalwa Jampa ( Maitreya), after getting the blessings from both 2 important monasteries, local Tibetans will spend time at Norbulingka for a picnic and enjoy the Tibetan opera dance. 


3. Horse racing festivals in Gyantse and Nakchu. Horse culture is decreasing and it is a very sad thing, still one of the best horse racing in Tibet is at Litang Kham region, they still preserve very beautiful strong horses and it is listed that highest horse racing is happening in Litang region, another horse racing festival is at Gyantse and Nakchu region.


Festival in Tibet 2018/2019

Best Month to travel Tibet according to the Beauties of Nature?


They are two regions in Tibet that have different in nature in different months. In the eastern Nyingchi region in Tibet, Nature is very beautiful in September and October and the Cherry flower festival is at the end of March. In the Central Lhasa region, Southern Shigatse, and Western Tibet regions, nature is green and beautiful starting from May to October. Most of the flowers, trees are green starting from May. From August to October, the crops in the field are grown and will be green and yellow in color so this gives bonus beauties for travelers who are traveling from August till October. 


Best Month to travel Tibet according to lower the cost?


Starting from November to February is one of the best ways to lower the cost since it's the winter off-season, the price of the hotel, vehicle, and tour guide will go lower during these months.


Best Month to travel Tibet according to less touristy and more local Tibetans?


The answer to this question is similar to the lower the cost question, Starting from November to February are the best ways to see more local Tibetans from remote areas and fewer tourists in Tibet, some areas will be almost no tourists. This month will be more local Tibetans coming to Lhasa since the Tibetan new year is coming near and also fieldwork has been finished so local Tibetans will come to Lhasa for pilgrim and buy the goods for Tibetan new year.

These are the information on a few different best months to travel to Tibet, hope it helps all the travelers, and may you have a safe trip to Tibet. Contact Tibet Travelers for other Tibet travel information or booking a journey to Tibet.

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 23, 2017


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