Best place to see stars in Tibet


I still remember the days at the Mount Everest North face base camp in the year 2003 when I used to enjoy the shooting stars every few minutes. 

The high altitude in Tibet gives the best advantages of getting closer towards the sky to see the stars in the night. 

I had been working for tourism since the year 2003 until today August 25th, 2018.  I have traveled to many places in Tibet with the Travelers as a Tour Guide and I have found the three best places to see the stars at night in Tibet.

Many Travelers do ask me about where is the best place to see the stars in Tibet?

My answer is except the outside of the cities and towns in Tibet like Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsetang, Gyantse, and Lhatse. all most from all the small villages, if the weather is clear, we can see the stars in the night because of the high altitude and fewer lights.

Photo: Mount Everest with stars 

From my personal experience as a Tour Guide, the three best places to see the stars in the night in Tibet are:

  1. Mount Everest North face base camp
  2. Mount Kailash Kora trek at Dirapuk monastery and Zutrulpuk monastery
  3. Namtso Lake

Apart from the three tours to the above areas, another best way to see the stars in the night in Tibet is the trekking tours and bicycling tours

During the Tibet trekking tours and bicycling tours, most of the time, Travelers will travel to the remote areas where they are no villages or light so that gives the best chances to see the stars in the night. 

Photo: Namtso Lake with stars

Tibet Travelers local and nature tour has a great chance to see the stars in the night at Tidrum nunnery and Woka Choelong monastery. 

Even though science has proven that the stars that we see in the sky are just the rays of light of the stars but still it is a beautiful experience to see the stars especially the shooting stars to make the wishes come true.

To see the stars in the night, it is very important to have beautiful clear weather.

The best clear weather in Tibet starts from April to December as compared to previous years.

Nature is green during June, July, and August but sometimes it will be cloudy during these months. 

Photo: Bike Tour in Tibet with stars


Tibetan Buddhism teaches a way to change the cause and effect. Which can also be applied to change the weather. 

To change the weather for Travelers tour in Tibet.

The best way Travelers can do is to simply make a good wish to other Travelers from the heart like below wishes in the blue color. 

May all the Travelers traveling to Tibet have great and clear weather so they can enjoy all the beautiful natures in Tibet. 

Giving something from the heart without any expectation is a very powerful way to change the effect of the cause.

When Travelers visit the monasteries in Tibet, it is good to make an aspiring wish to other Travelers to have beautiful clear weather.

Tibetan Buddhism teaches that the more we give to others, the more we will get so more good and positive wishes we offer to other Travelers.

It will make our trip and weather better so this is a great investment. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers' article on the best places in Tibet to see the stars in the night. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 25, 2018


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