Best Trek in Tibet 2018

They are many popular treks in Tibet. One of the most popular trek during the 2000-2006 was the trek from Old Tingri to Mount Everest base camp. I have done this trek with 3 German students around mid-2005

It was a great trekking adventure of 60km in 3 and a half days. At that time this trek was known as one of the best treks in Tibet with fewer vehicles on the way but now in the year 2018, we have another best trek in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers Ranking of Treks in Tibet

  1. Kharta Chutang Kangshung valley East face of Mount Everest Trek 
  2. Ganden monastery to Samye monastery trek 
  3. Tsurphu monastery to Yangpachen Trek 
  4. Old Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek
  5. Mount Kailash Trek 
  6. Trek from Damxung to Namtso Lake

Now in the year 2018, the best trek that Tibet Travelers would like to recommend all the Travelers is the Kharta Chutang Gama Kangshung valley East face of Mount Everest base camp Trek is the number one trek in Tibet.

They are a few reasons:

Almost all the tourist sites in Tibet, they are many Travelers and tourist vehicles. In this trek, after Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup's hometown Tashizom village, they are very few Travelers and tourist vehicles for around 80-90km, sometimes there is no any tourist vehicle, not even a local Tibetan vehicle so this makes this route special.

Another special thing about this trek is the length of the trek which is around 8-12 days without internet, electricity, no shopping malls and no busy tourist attractions but only nature with Mountains, glacier, rivers, and lake. Around a decade and a half before, even looking from the google map, I have seen so many stunning mountains so these places are stunning if we get closer towards it and I am happy to say that this is one of the only places to see the true beauties of Tibet.

Tibet Travelers Recent Group Trek to Kharta Chutang Kangshung Valley East Face of Mount Everest Trek 

At the beginning of 2018, they were 3 different group of Travelers asking for this special trek, two couple from America, 1 single Traveler from Europe, and a family from England and Scotland. 

After exchanging many Emails, we have successfully arranged this trek for the family of 4 from England and Scotland. It was a great meeting them in Lhasa on July 29th, we had a great farewell good luck dinner at the 6th floor Rooftop Restaurant yesterday. They are living in Scotland where they also love nature while enjoying the treks on the green mountain and raft in the clean flowing rivers. They have shown us photos and Scotland is indeed a stunning country. 

Photo: Beauties of Kharta Chutang Gama Kangshung Valley East face of Mount Everest base camp Trek

Tibet Travelers arranged Tibetan Driver Sonam with a 10 people seat bus for the family so we have enough space for the food and kitchen stuff with trekking equipment.

Our Tibetan Tour Guide is Gelek from the Tashizom village, around 80-90km from the trek site. It is best to arrange a local people near the trek route so he or she can show the place deeply to the Travelers.

Our Tibetan Cook for the trek was Kalden from Tingri, he had done this trek many times so he also has a great trekking experience, also he speaks English to make it convenient for our Travelers.

The group left today morning and we wish them a great journey, we will be seeing again after 2 weeks time. 


The best ways to see the true beauties of Tibet is Trek and Bike Tours. The reason is they are fewer Travelers and also you will be camping to see the stars in the night, sunset, sunrise on time. Stopping along the way where ever it's beautiful so Tibet Travelers highly recommend Travelers to choose Trekking or Bike tour in Tibet. 

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on the best trek in Tibet 2018, Travelers can send us Email regarding trek or bike tours in Tibet. 


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