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They are many ways to enjoy the beauties of Tibet. One of the best ways to witness the true beauties of Tibet is the bike tours.

The reason behind is the duration of the trip which is longer as compared to the normal vehicle tours. Longer duration tours have more chances to see the beauties of Tibet in a deeper way.

Bicycling tour allows Travelers to camp in remote areas where they are fewer Tourist and more local Tibetans with stunning nature.

Beauties of the sunrise, sunset, and stars in the night can be seen while camping outside of the cities. 

At the beginning of March 2018, Tibet Travelers has two bicycling tour inquiries from two different group of Travelers from Europe and America.

They were two Travelers from America, a father, and a son. Another group of eight Travelers was from Italy. After exchanging many Emails and chats in Whats App. We have successfully arranged the bicycling Tibet tour for eight Italian Travelers from Europe.

They are two different ways to book the bicycle tour through Tibet Travelers. All inclusive tour with accommodation, meals, camping equipment and cook for the tour or excluding accommodation, meals, camping equipment and cook as an exclusive tour.

If Travelers prefer easier option, we would highly recommend all-inclusive tour but it will be more expensive so for budget bicycling Travelers can also choose the exclusive tours.

Photo: Motorbike Tours in Tibet at Mount Everest North face base camp Yak hair tea tent area

Travelers can bring your bicycle from home country to Tibet or Travelers can also buy the Trek bikes in Tibet, China or Nepal.

They are 3 brands of Bikes available to buy in Lhasa.

  1. Gaint
  2. Merida
  3. Ucc        

The price ranges for Bikes in Tibet are around 500 US Dollar to 1500 US Dollar depends on the quality of the bike. Tibet Travelers will help Travelers to show the shop of the Bikes. 

Eight Italian bicycling Travelers short Story 

Four of the Travelers were traveling into Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal on 2018 July 25th, another four Travelers were traveling into Tibet from Chongqing, China on July 28th with few hours stop. We have arranged a local friend from Chongqing to deliver the permit to the airport and pass to Travelers for 400 RMB so our Travelers won't need to spend a night in Chongqing.

Italian Travelers bought their bicycles from Italy to Tibet via a flight. One of the good bikes we have seen with them was the Trek Bike. 

Today is the third day of the bicycling group. They manage to cycle around 70km on the first day of the bike tour. The total duration of the bike tour is around 18-19 days including 3-4 days in Lhasa for acclimatization. They are cycling from Lhasa to Mount Everest base camp and Kyirong border between Nepal, finally ending at Kathmandu, Nepal. 


Tibet Travelers highly recommend a bicycling trip to all the Travelers who would love to do random camping, cycling in high altitude paved road with fresh air and enjoying the beauties of Tibet in a slow and deeper way.

Tibet Travelers also arranges motorbike Tours in Tibet for Travelers love to ride a bike in high altitude in Tibet. Travelers can read our previous article on Motorbike tours in Tibet.

Thank you for reading Tibet Travelers article on bicycling tour in Tibet. Travelers can send us Email regarding bicycling tour in Tibet. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Aug 02, 2018


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