2018 Updates on Tibet Mount Everest

Almost 90 percent of the Travelers who are traveling to Tibet will travel to Mount Everest North Face base camp, located at Tingri county at the altitude of 5200 meters

They are few updates on Mount Everest region that Tibet Travelers would like to share to all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet. 

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May 11, 2018

If you have compassion

One of the most powerful words on the planet earth is not the word power but the word compassion. 

In the Buddhism in Tibet, compassion is known as (Nying Jey) 

Nying means mind or heart. 

Jey means Lord or King. 

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May 09, 2018

Top hiking sites in Tibet

Previous Travelers had shared that one of the reasons they are not bored and still happy while traveling in the vehicle for 6-8 hours in Tibet is the changing of stunning nature in Tibet. 

After every few hours, the nature in Tibet changes and this is the beauties of Tibet that attract many Travelers from all around the world. 

They are two best ways to explore Tibet

1. Trekking

2. Hiking

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May 08, 2018

No any Shopping in Tibet Tours

From our personal experience, one thing that ruins the trip is the shopping in the tours. 

It shortens the travel duration of Travelers since running towards entering more shops and that will ruin the enjoyment of the trip for Travelers so Tibet Travelers focus on tours with no any shopping.

Photo: Beauties of Tingri county

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April 30, 2018

Fewer Tourist travel sites in Tibet

Recently we have few Email inquiry from Travelers who ask us about the sightseeing in Tibet where they are a fewer tourist and more locals. 

With 15 years of Tibet Tourism experience, Tibet Travelers would like to share some of the sightseeing in Tibet where Travelers can witness a fewer tourist and more authentic Tibetan feeling with stunning natures. 

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April 22, 2018

My record 16 hours / 52KM trek to Mount Kailash

Since I was born near the Mountains at the altitude of around 4, 500 meters ( 14,763 ft ) from my childhood times, I have deep love towards mountains.

When I was young, I used to climb the small hill near my second village Tashizom with my cousins. 

Those were one of the best days of my life since my mind is fully focused on what I am doing. 

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April 19, 2018


Kyirong, also known as Gyirong or Kyidrong. Meaning Happy town or town of forest valley, which is the new border town between Tibet and Nepal. 

Before the Earthquake in Nepal, Zhangmu was the border between Nepal and after the Earthquake affects at Zhangmu border, Kyirong border is officially open for both local and Travelers around the world. 

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April 13, 2018


Nagqu is also known as Nakchu. If we translate the word directly, it means black water. 

Located in the northern Tibet at an elevation of 4,400 M ( 14, 436 ft )

Nagqu is known as the Changtang grassland areas in Tibet and the largest prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region with 11 counties. 

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April 08, 2018

Trust is the heart of travel Tibet

Yesterday I was buying some clothes on the internet and I have found countless shops selling different clothes with different prices, it was so difficult for me to chose the exact one since I don't know them.

I search the rating reviews but after finding an unknown Travelers 3-star rating on our Trip advisor, which was our only 3-star rating from 145 Excellent rating reviews, still placed at #16 had given some doubt.

Tibet Travelers would like to Thank from our deepest heart to all the previous Travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers and taking Travelers precious time via writing reviews for us. 

After doing research for around 5 hours, I have found that the trust is the base of everything.

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April 03, 2018

China visa policy from Nepal

Passport scan and China visa scan are the 2 main documents to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa. 

The easiest way to obtain the China visa is traveling to Tibet from Nepal.

Photo: Stunning Namtso Lake

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April 02, 2018


Sakya town is one of the most important towns in the history of Buddhism in Tibet.

Sakya town is located 130 km from Shigatse at an elevation of 4, 400 meters ( 14, 435 ft )

Sa means land and Kya means grey. 

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March 24, 2018


Darchen or Tarchen is one of the most important towns in the western Tibet Ngari Prefecture, located at an elevation of 4, 500 meters ( 14, 763 ft) 

The town was named after the Saga Dawa festival huge prayer flag pole at the Tarboche valley, which is located around 13 km from Darchen. 

View of Mount Kailash near Darchen town 

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March 23, 2018

Eastern Tibet

Eastern Tibet can be categorized into two different regions. 

The far Kham region in the Sichuan prefecture is also known as the Eastern Tibet.

The stunning Nature in the Nyingchi prefecture is also known as the Eastern Tibet. 

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March 22, 2018


Tingri is one of the largest counties in the Shigatse prefecture. They are two Towns named after Tingri. 

Gangkar town, which is known as the old Tingri and Shegar town, which is known as the new Tingri. 

Tingri is also the home to many important mountains and rivers in Tibet Autonomous Region.

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March 21, 2018

Mount Shishapangma

Located on the Himalaya range near the Phikutso Lake at the altitude of 8,027 meters, which is around 26,335 ft, making Mount Shishapangma the 14th highest mountain on our planet Earth.

Photo: Horse family with beauties of Phikutso Lake and Mount Shishapangma Region

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March 20, 2018