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What About Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) And Tibet Visa (TV)?

Many travelers are planning to travel into Tibet and the first thing travelers will do is try to buy the flight or train tickets but there is one very important question left to answer: What about (TTP) Tibet Travel Permit?


Tibet is one of the destinations where we need Tibet Travel Permit to travel. Some very intelligent travelers will also ask questions, what about Tibet visa?  Below Article, we will share more information about Tibet visa and Tibet Travel Permit.



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July 06, 2017

How To Get Tibet Travel Permit

The first question about traveling to Tibet is always about how to get Tibet Travel Permit? and there is another important question how to get China visa? Passport scan and China visa scan are the two main important documents needed to issue the Tibet Travel Permit so first we can discuss the China visa. 

They are two ways to get the China visa, first is from China Embassy in your hometown if you are planning to enter Tibet from China, another way is through Tibet Travelers if you plan to travel from Nepal to Tibet. When you apply for China visa from your hometown, best is not to mention that you are traveling to Tibet since mentioning Tibet can make it more difficult to get the China visa. You can mention about other cities in China like Chengdu or Beijing and it will be much easier to obtain the China visa.Tibet Travelers also has a detail documents about an easier way to obtain the China visa from your hometown, once you book a trip through us, you can send us Email about this document and we will be happy to send it in PDF version to you.

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May 18, 2017