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Trust is the heart of travel Tibet

Yesterday I was buying some clothes on the internet and I have found countless shops selling different clothes with different prices, it was so difficult for me to chose the exact one since I don't know them.

I search the rating reviews but after finding an unknown Travelers 3-star rating on our Trip advisor, which was our only 3-star rating from 145 Excellent rating reviews, still placed at #16 had given some doubt.

Tibet Travelers would like to Thank from our deepest heart to all the previous Travelers for choosing Tibet Travelers and taking Travelers precious time via writing reviews for us. 

After doing research for around 5 hours, I have found that the trust is the base of everything.

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April 03, 2018

Resume of Tibet Travelers CEO Tenzin Dhondup

Tashi Delek,

I am Tenzin Dhondup.

I was born near the Mount Everest Base Camp.

Since 2003 I have started my Tourism career in Tibet at the Mount Everest base camp in a tea house open by our family for 2 years.

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February 11, 2018

Tibet Travelers is the Tibet Travel Expert

Beautiful Nature, clear blue sky, white, and brown high mountains, cool blue, and green running rivers, peaceful lakes, and warm spiritual Tibetan people are making Tibet one destination where every Travelers dream is located but they are few reasons that traveling to Tibet is becoming difficult for many Travelers. 

1. Different Tibet travel information shared on the different website.

2. Many non-local Tibetans staying outside of Tibet claimed to be Tibet Travel Expert and sharing outdated information.

3. Many paid Ads on Google from unreliable travel agencies.

4. Many Travel agencies outside of Tibet cooperating with travel agencies in Tibet, making the price goes high and service go low. 

5. Random changes in Tibet Travel policy. 

After sharing 5 reasons, Tibet Travelers would like to share few important information regarding traveling to Tibet to make it easier for Travelers to travel Tibet.

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January 05, 2018

Why Choose Tibet Travelers as Travel Agent?

Since traveling to Tibet is an unforgettable lifetime journey, every traveler should ask questions about why you are choosing this travel agency to Tibet? 


Few reasons for asking a question Why choose this travel agency?


1. They are many non-local Tibetan travel agencies claiming they are local Tibetans and they even hire locals to show for the front page photos on their website or when you ask to meet them in person at Lhasa, since they can claim anything to gain your trust so these non-local travel agencies are very successful, they even tell you that they are supporting this and that,  but in reality, they are non-local who support own bank account. 


Tibet Travelers not only focus on making money, we also try our best to help the local community. Recently our Manager has met a local Tibetan student from poor farmer in the countryside village, who is still in High School but because of the Economical problem in the family, a student from countryside village has to study and also work in vacation time so elder sister, who is in University can finish college and get a good Job in the future to help her self and hopefully the parents. Local Tibetan Student told our manager how stressful it is to take responsibility for the whole family even during such an early schooling time. Tibet Travelers is helping for few months of University fee since Education is one of the most important and best ways to improve the local community, this is one of our first steps. We have bigger steps ahead to help the more local community.

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June 26, 2017

Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agency Based Lhasa

When travelers travel to Tibet, most of the travelers will look for trust support from Lonely Planet, Land of Snows and trip advisor. 


It is difficult to find a true local Tibetan owned Travel agencies since almost all the travel agencies claim to be locally owned and employ local Tibetans but in reality, few do, we are one of the few local Tibetan owned travel agency located in Lhasa. Even the most successful travel agencies in Tibet are owned by non-locals who claim to be local Tibetans so to preserve the beautiful local culture is difficult when it is very difficult for a true local Tibetan owned travel agencies to be successful.


For travelers, when you choose a true local Tibetan owned Travel agencies, you are helping the local people directly and preserving the local culture naturally, we would like to thank you for choosing local Tibetans as your travel guide.

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June 07, 2017