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My Short Meditation At A Monastery

A few days ago, a Monk and two friends of mine, we went together to a small monastery near Lhasa named (Sing Bu Ri)  The reason for our visit was to paint gold on the statue of the Buddha. Let's start this beautiful story from the Beginning. 

One of my friends was a Tour Guide and he met some very devoted Buddhist Travelers who gave some donation and with that donation money, my friend Guide bought some gold so he can paint at the small monasteries with the help of a monk​

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November 19, 2017

My Recent Trip To Southern Tibet

Recently I was on a short 3 days trip to Tingri. I would like to share some of the moments of this short trip. 

Normally I will be staying in Lhasa arranging the tours since September is busy tourist season but 3 days ago I have to go New Tingri until the entrance gate of Mount Everest North Face Base Camp national park to pick 3 of my Travelers from Europe. This is a group of 6 Travelers. 3 Travelers are going towards Western Tibet from New Tingri towards Old Tingri and Phikutso lake to Saga. Other 3 Travelers are traveling back to Lhasa through Shigatse, Gyantse to Lhasa.

Photo: Taken in front of Shigatse Tashilhunpo monastery

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September 16, 2017

Two Friends Yak And Buffalo

Yak is one of the most favorite animal of Tibet and one animal which symbolized Tibet. Yak is also one of the most loyal animals. 

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September 15, 2017

Stories From Tibetan Tour Guide

This is happening everywhere in our world. Modern technology advances, everywhere in our world is developing. which is a good thing for getting people closer to each other and making the local life much easier Still, some things from the past always bring good memories even after 14-15 years.      

 I would like to share my motorbike ride at Mount Everest North Face base camp region to New Tingri with a 100KM ride through the high pass  Geu la (5200M) in a rainy season during 2003 with a traveler from Europe, because of rainy season, motorbike got slipped 2 times on the way, the road was unpaved and bumpy, it was freezing cold because of the weather. Still, such memories are once in a lifetime.

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June 10, 2017