BMW Motorbike Tours in Tibet


BMW also known as Best Machine Works is one of the best auto machines in our world. It is an expensive Bike but for a high-altitude area like Tibet, it is worth traveling with one of the best Bikes BMW.

Since my teenage time I love motorbikes, my cousin has had a Honda bike and I used to practice it by myself and later after a few technique teachings from my cousin, I was able to ride the motorbike. 

When I was at Mount Everest North face base camp working in a tea tent from our family in the year 2003, my brother bought a motorbike for easy transportation and I rode it almost every day even during the windy and rainy seasons. I still remember the cold which makes my hands like ice but in the meantime, I do remember the excitement of the speed.

At that time, many Travelers will hike from Rongbuk monastery to the Mount Everest base camp and later I used to take Travelers on a motorbike ride from the Mount Everest base camp to the Rongbuk monastery for 20 RMB per person in a duration of 16km. 

Photo: Motorbike Tours in Tibet 

At one time during 2003, I had traveled with my cousin and two Travelers from England in two motorbikes in a rainy season on the high pass Geu la 5200 meters to New Tingri. Even though because of rain, we have to drive very slow but It was a great journey enjoying the whole view and driving along on a dusty road. Nowadays almost all the roads in Tibet are paved. 

One of the best places to travel via Motorbike in Tibet is the Mount Everest base camp and Namtso Lake, the duration is 10 days in total. Travelers can also travel to other places in Tibet via Motorbike with Tibet Travelers. 

Travelers must buy insurance in Tibet for safety and Travelers will need the Motor Bike License from your home country to issue a temporary Motor Bike license in Tibet.


Many Travelers love the motorbike tours, arranging motorbike tours outside Tibet Nepal into Tibet is quite expensive with the deposit at the border so we have good news for Travelers who are planning on traveling in Tibet with the motorbike. We know a company in Tibet hiring BMW motorbike tours in Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers can arrange the motorbike Tour in Tibet with a Tibetan Tour Guide. Travelers can send us Emails at 

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Jul 25, 2018


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