Butter Tea and Sweet Tea


They are two special Teas in Tibet, namely Butter Tea, and Sweet Tea.  Actually, the main tea of Tibet is Butter Tea, after the influence from the British, Sweet Tea has become very popular in many regions in Asia, especially in India and Tibet. Nowadays in the cities in Tibet, many local Tibetan will enjoy Sweet Tea more than Butter Tea. 

How to Make a Butter Tea?


1. Tea

2. Butter

3. Salt

4. Water 

and need a mixture to mix all these ingredients.

How to Make a Sweet Tea?

1. Tea 

2. Milk

3. Sugar

4. Water 

In Lhasa, Both Butter and Sweet Tea can be found in almost all Tibetan Restaurant. Sweet Tea has become more popular with younger Tibetans. In many Tea Houses in Lhasa, especially in the Box Tea House ( Tibetan name: Gamchung Sakang)  Which is known to be one of the oldest tea houses in Lhasa, located at the Dangayling road near Snowland Restaurant, it is one of the best places to meet local Tibetans gathering like a family and enjoying sweet tea together. Sweet Tea in Box Tea House is one of the lowest price teas and one of the best quality teas in Lhasa costs 8Jiao per glass. Here in Box Tea House, many Local Tour Guides and Tour Drivers will spend their time during their off-work time. 

Tibet is a cold region so Tea is playing a big role in Tibetan's life, they are local saying that drinking a cup of Butter Tea can help to acclimatize the altitude so it is a really good idea to have some taste of these Teas when you are traveling to Tibet. Tibet Travelers members are happy to have Tea with our travelers when our travelers have time. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 01, 2017


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