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China visa plays the biggest role in traveling to Tibet. No China visa means no Tibet Travel Permit. No Tibet Travel Permit means no travel to Tibet so China visa is important to all the Travelers who are planning a trip to Tibet. 

They are 2 ways to get the China visa since they are 2 ways to travel to Tibet.

1. China to Tibet

2. Nepal to Tibet

Travelers planning to travel Tibet from Nepal. Tibet Travelers will take care of the China visa and its category. 

How to get China Group visa and how to travel Tibet from Nepal?

Travelers traveling to Tibet from China, this article is very important since Tibet Travelers found that they are many different types of China visas.

How to get a China visa and how to travel to Tibet from China?

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The best visa to travel to China and Tibet is the (L) Category visa. This is the tourist visa. If Travelers have (L) tourist visa, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the Tibet Travel Permit from Tourism office in Lhasa, Tibet so Tibet Travelers highly recommend Travelers to issue China (L) category tourist visa to travel in Tibet easier.

If Travelers have another visa category like (F) visa for working in China.  (X) visa for studying in China. Tibet Travelers request student card, working card or working letter from the company to issue the Tibet Travel Permit from the tourism office in Lhasa. For more information on different types of China visa.

China visa full Categories

There is no Tibet visa, China visa is the only visa that Travelers need to travel in Tibet so Travelers won't need to apply for double entry China visa. 

One time entry China visa will work perfectly to issue the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa with the help of Tibet Travelers Travel agency while traveling in Tibet.

How to Get China visa?

These are the information on Category of China visa. For other Tibet Travel free information, Travelers can send us Email at [email protected] 

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May 30, 2018


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