Compassion is precious


Compassion is precious! One of the most powerful words on the planet Earth is the word compassion. 

Compassion is known as (Nying Jey) 

Nying means mind or heart. 

Jey means Lord or King. 

Compassion is the only medicine that can help us to find happiness even in the suffering so that makes compassion the only medicine to cure all mental diseases. 

Someone said: When I was young, I liked the word "power." As I grow older, I fall in love with the word "compassion." In a very basic way, compassion means no selfishness.

Compassion is a very big subject in Buddhism and for someone like me who is a beginner, I have no wisdom to explain about compassion. I am writing this blog to share information about compassion that I have heard from reading books of masters.

Photo: Buddha Amitabha

After reading a few biographies, I have this feeling that all the Buddhist masters are taking compassion (Bodhichitta) as the seed of Buddhism. One of the masters shared that, during the great scholar Chandrakirti's time in India at Nalanda University. To explain emptiness to his disciples, master Chandrakirti fetched milk from a painted cow. Chandrakirti was one of the greatest Buddhist scholars during that time in India. In the teachings of Chandrakirti, he bowed to compassion even before bowing to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Even the Buddha Shakyamuni was enlightened because of compassion towards sentient beings. Compassion is a very important subject for Buddhists and I have this conclusion that if you have compassion, you have everything. 

Chenrezig is the Bodhisattva of compassion. The mantra of Chenrezig is: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum 

With the merit of chanting this mantra, may Bodhichitta grow in the hearts of all sentient beings.

Written By :Tenzin

Feb 09, 2023


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