Draksum Lake


One of the most beautiful Lakes located in the Eastern Tibet Nyingchi region is the Draksum Lake, also known as Basum Tso Lake.

The specialty of Draksum Lake is nature. This is one of the only Lakes in Tibet surrounded by snow mountains and green forest with lower altitude as compared to many lakes in Tibet, the altitude of the Lake is 3, 700 m, which is around 12,140 ft 

From Lhasa, nowadays there is a highway to Nyingchi Bayi prefecture so the road is highway until 50 km before Draksum Lake. 50 km into Draksum Lake via valley is also driving through paved road with small villages along the way. 

Drak means hill, Sum means three, Tso means Lake in the local Tibetan language. The meaning of the Lake is connected with the location of the Draksum Tso Lake. 

Draksum Tso is about 285 km from Lhasa and around 110 km from Nyingchi Bayi prefecture. The closest town is the Kongpo Gyamda, which is located about 255 km from Lhasa.

Draksum Tso Lake was once a retreat area of Buddhist Maha Siddha Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th Century. 

One of the beauties of the Lake is the Tashi Island and the Tsozong monastery on the Island. This is one of the most beautiful Islands we have seen in Tibet. It is peaceful with birds singing and fresh air with beautiful nature. The Tsozong monastery was built in the 14th - 15th century by a Tibetan master from the Nyingma school. Nyingma is one of the oldest Buddhist schools in Tibet, tracing back to the 8th century in Tibet at Samye monastery. 

Nowadays they are few hotels near the Draksum Tso Lake, it is a great option to stay 1 night at the lake to witness the beauties of the Lake and stars in the night. 

Nyingchi region is very rich in nature, they are many lakes, glaciers, and many mountains including the 14th highest mountain Namchak Barwa.

Travelers can read more information regarding Nyingchi in our previous article on Nyingchi.

Tibet Travelers will do best to share more information regarding other Lakes in Nyingchi namely Rawok Lake, Siji Lhatso Lake in our future article. 

They are 2 ways to get to Draksum Tso Lake. 

1. Taking a flight from Chengdu to Nyingchi Miling airport and travel to Draksum Tso Lake

2. Traveling overland from Lhasa to Draksum Lake.

Nowadays many Travelers from mainland China will travel to Draksum Lake. We have also found the ferry ride near the Draksum Tso Lake to another small Lake nearby as an option for Travelers.

From our experience, this will be a great option to see some hidden beauties near Draksum Tso Lake.

Only a few Travelers are traveling to that small Lake, that is also one of the reasons we recommend a ferry ride to all the Travelers. The ferry fee is quite high around 200- 500 RMB per person but since there are fewer Travelers, they are more hidden beauties. Travelers can also read our latest article on hidden route to Woka Choelong valley.

One of the best ways to travel Draksum Tso Lake will be traveling for a loop tour from Lhasa to Nyingchi via visiting Serkyam la pass to see the stunning view of Mount Namchak Barwa, after traveling towards Lulang green region, Tashigang village. Lulang is also known as the small Swiss in Tibet. 

If Travelers travel more towards the east in Nyingchi, there is a possibility to see the stunning beauties of Rawok Lake, Mitu glacier, and Pomi town which is located near the Cherry flower villages.

Every year from mid-March to the end of March, many Travelers from mainland China will travel to Pomi town to witness the beauties of the Cherry flower blossom in the villages nearby. 

They are two villages which are located around 50-70 km from Pomi where Travelers can witness the most beautiful Cherry flowers in Tibet at the end of March. 

Rawok Lake is a stunning Lake located near the Pomi town, Tibet Travelers will do their best to share more information regarding Rawok Lake in the future article. 

Tibet Travelers arranges a customized tour of 5 - 10 days to Nyingchi prefecture with a loop tour ending at Tsetang prefecture. The route will start at Lhasa Gonggar airport or Nyingchi Miling airport.

The destination sightseeings include Draksum Tso Lake, Nyingchi town, Serkyam la pass to see the view of Mount Namchak Barwa, driving to Lulang green town, Pomi town, Rawok Lake, Mitu Glacier, Laihu Glacier, coming back to Nyingchi, driving towards Tsetang Prefecture via Woko Choelong valley or Nang town.

The highway from Lhasa to Nyingchi is making Draksum Tso Lake a very good two days trip to all the Travelers who are traveling directly to Lhasa.

Photo: Draksum Lake nature

 For travelers who are traveling to Nyingchi Miling airport via Chengdu, it is possible to travel as a 2-3 days trip. Travelers can send us Emails for more information regarding this customized tour. 


Nyingchi Prefecture is about 400 km from Lhasa. Nyingchi is known as the greenest prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Draksum Tso Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes, not only in Nyingchi Prefecture but also in the whole Tibet Autonomous Region.

The reason behind the beauties of Draksum Tso Lake is the nature around the Lake, which is very different from the nature around other Lakes in Tibet. 

The snow mountain, the green trees are making Draksum Tso Lake a special Lake where Travelers can witness almost all the beauties of nature. 

They are two ways to travel Nyingchi and Draksum Tso Lake.

Flight from Chengdu to Nyingchi Miling airport and travel to Draksum Tso Lake. The price of the flight ticket is similar to the price of the flight from Chengdu to Lhasa, which is around 250 US Dollars per person. Sometimes Tibet Travelers can get discount tickets for our Travelers. 

Another way is to travel from Lhasa to Nyingchi via overland from Kongpo Gyamda town or Tsetang prefecture.

Draksum Tso Lake is a great destination to travel for all the Travelers around the world.

We recommend Travelers to spend a night at the Lake to witness the true beauties of Draksum Lake. 

This is the information regarding Draksum Tso Lake. Tibet Travelers will do their best to share more information regarding other sightseeings located in Nyingchi Prefecture.

For Tibet Travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet. Email Tibet Travelers. info@tibettravelers.com 

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Mar 19, 2018


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