Easiest way to get the China visa


As we all know that China visa plays the biggest role for obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa so here we would like to share the easiest worry free way to obtain the China visa. 

China visa is actually easy to obtain from your country at the bigger cities in the Chinese Embassy if we know the important steps.

Travel agencies in Tibet cannot issue or obtain the Tibet Travel Permit with the China visa so China visa is a big thing if you are planning to travel to Tibet.

Here Tibet Travelers will share the easiest, worry free way to obtain the China Visa. 

The easiest, worry free way to obtain the China Visa is to travel Tibet from Nepal. If Travelers travel Tibet from Nepal, Tibet Travelers will take care of the Tibet Travel Permit as well as the China Visa. We only request your passport scan to obtain the invitation letter from Tourism Office in Tibet and we will Email to our friend agency in Nepal, who can help to issue or obtain the China Visa for you with your Original Passport and China Visa fee, which we will explain below. 

We request all the Travelers to give us 2 full working days or more to obtain the China Visa in Nepal at the Chinese Embassy. Travelers can travel in Nepal with the scan of passport and leave the passport to our Nepal friend agency if Travelers prefer to travel during these 2 days.

Photo: Beauties of Namtso Lake 

China visa fee cost  including the service fee of our Nepal friend agency

United State and Canadian Citizen cost: 200 US Dollar Per Person

Other Nationals: 110 US Dollar Per Person 

Tibet Travelers offer a few different travel routes from Nepal to Tibet. 

Fly into Tibet, Lhasa from Kathmandu, Nepal, and overland to Nepal border.

Overland from Nepal Border to Lhasa, Tibet.

Private Tour

Group Tour

Overland from Nepal Border to Lhasa, Tibet

Private Tour

Group Tour

Travelers can also fly into Lhasa and choose our other Private or Group Tour or Travelers can also choose your own customized Tour. 

For traveling to Tibet from Nepal or Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet, Email us at [email protected] 

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May 30, 2018


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