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From the beginning of civilization until now, Nature has been giving us almost everything. From the drinking water to the fresh air, Nature is the best friend of Living Beings, even just staying a few minutes near nature without doing anything can make us peaceful naturally. Nature has loved us and given us so much happiness and now it's our turn to love Nature and Protect Nature.

Tibet is one of the most important Nature regions in our world, surrounded by snow mountains, making it the Land of Snows and Roof of the World. Beautiful Snow Mountains give birth to stunning shining running rivers, which give birth to spectacular lakes in many regions of Tibet. 

Sometimes when the word Tibet comes, People naturally see Nature in their mind's eye so Tibet is one of the most important Homes of Nature in our world. To protect Nature is very important so our future generations can enjoy clean water and fresh air and many other benefits from Nature. 

Natures are like our children, we need to protect them, Natures are like our Souls, without Nature we cannot survive in the world so we have very important reasons to love Nature and protect Nature.

In the fall of 2011, the great team Tibet Eco-Tourism Collective has been founded with an aim to protect Nature via providing Eco-Tourism training to Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agencies Located in Lhasa, Amdo, and Kham Regions. This great team offers free training related to the Tibet Eco-Tourism to True Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agencies in Lhasa, especially to Tour Guide and Travel Agent Sales and other Staffs. A few years ago our General Manager Tenzin Dhondup has joined the training to make professional videos and photos to promote tours in Tibet. The team has also trained a few of the local Tibetan Tour Guides about Eco-Tourism and First Aid. Eco-Tourism is a very big subject and one of the main key roles of us to make our world beautiful and clean, it is not only for our self but also for future generations and generations so Tibet Travelers is very happy to spread Eco-tourism words and put action day by day to preserve Nature and anything related to Eco-Tourism, for example using less and less plastic and if possible stop using plastic. Also to plant trees, which is one of the most beautiful ways to preserve nature so Tibet Travelers is ready to join and involve in any services related to preserving Nature and make Tibet a green Eco-Tourism region and if possible give a good impression to the whole world and one day our whole world become an Eco-travel region.

We are very happy and we would like to Thank the Tibet Eco-Tourism collection team for giving us such a great opportunity to improve Local Tibetan Travel agencies in many ways, We are also very happy and excited to announce that Tibet Travelers will join the Tibet Eco-Tourism Collective True Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agencies website list in the September of 2017 to preserve Nature and promote Eco-Tourism Tours in Tibet.

Thank you for reading our Article on Eco-Tourism, which is one of the most important social responsibilities of all the Local Tibetan Owned Travel Agencies in Tibet. For any suggestions related to preserving nature and related to Eco-Tourism, you can leave a comment below, we will make sure to reply and we are very happy to receive suggestions.

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 01, 2017


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