Everest Black Yak Hair Tea Tent


The black Yak hair tea tents at the Mount Everest north face base camp have history back to 2001.

Around October 2002, I have started my journey to the Mount Everest north face base camp in a Yak hair tea tent open by our family.

The local Tibetans from my hometown are blessed because of the goddess Chomolungma. The Tibetan name of Mount Everest.  Locals near my hometown worship her for a blessing. 

It is because of the blessing of Mount Everest Chomolungma that people in my villages can have a better life than many other villages in Tibet. 

The valley after the Geu la pass ( 5200 meters) from where we can see the view of 4 mountains above ( 8000 meters ) is known as Padruk in the local Tibetan language. 

Only the people from Padruk are allowed to have a tea tent at the Mount Everest base camp because we are born near the Mount Everest region. 

That is the reason during 2002, they were only around 20 Yak hair tea tents. 

Black Yak hair tent is the place where I have spent my teenhood. 

During that year the Eagle's song Hotel California is very popular so I planned to change the name of our tea tent to Hotel California. 

Some of the Travelers will take a photo at the board of our families Yak hair tea tent and some will smile when they see the old sign at such a remote area saying ( Hotel California ) 

Photo: 2006 our family black Yak hair tea tent ( Hotel California ) written by Tibet Travelers Manager Tenzin Dhondup

When I moved to Lhasa in the year 2005 as a Tour Guide in one of the well-known oldest local Tibetan travel agencies in Lhasa at (FIT Banakshol) The hotel California still remains at Mount Everest base camp managed by my brother Dorjee. 

Travelers can enjoy a blog with the sign from a Traveler at Mount Everest base camp in the year 2005-2006.  

A Journey to Mount Lhasa in the year 2006 from a Traveler.

Black yak hair tea tents offer dorm beds around 10-12 beds.

There is no private bathroom or shower.

Some of the tents have free internet wifi. 

There is a Tibetan local style stove in the middle of the tent to keep all the Travelers warm. It is a great place to make friends. 

Photo: Dorm beds inside the black Yak hair tea tent

All the Yak hair tea tents offer warm foods like noodles soup, fried rice, and pancakes. They also offer butter tea, sweet tea, cold drinks, and beer.

The black Yak hair tent will be available from April 1st to October 23rd as compared to previous years.

After October 23rd, because of the cold windy weather, the black Yair tea tents will have to close the tea tents.

During the off-season from October end to end of March, Travelers planning to travel Mount Everest north face base camp have to stay a night in Rongbuk monastery guest house. Offers basic room with no private bathroom and no shower. 

Photo: Mount Everest base camp black Yak hair tea tent parking area

Travelers traveling with Tibet Travelers can also choose to sleep lower at Pasum village, or Tashizom village or new Tingri town Pelber as an option. 


The black Yak hair tea tents are the only accommodation at the Mount Everest base camp even in the year 2018.

The black Yak hair tea tents have now moved near the upper Rongbuk meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche. Located 4 km before the actual old base camp where I have stayed for 16 months in the year 2003, and 2004.

I highly recommend Travelers to visit the meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche at the upper Rongbuk monastery. 

Photo: Mount Everest is the best place to see stars at night in Tibet

I hope the above information be helpful for all the Travelers planning to travel to Tibet.

Even though the accommodation and public bathroom at the Yak hair tea tents are basic but I would like to urge Travelers to stay a night in the black Yak hair tea tents to help local Tibetan people and to have a once in a lifetime experience of staying at the altitude of 5150 meters enjoying the sunset of Mount Everest and stars in the night. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Aug 26, 2018


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