Everest Black Yak Hair Tea Tent


The black Yak hair tea tents at the Mount Everest north face base camp have a history back to 2002.

Around October 2002, I started my journey to the Mount Everest north face base camp in a Yak hair tea tent opened by our family. Only the people from our Padruk Valley are allowed to have a tea tent at the Mount Everest base camp because we are born near the Mount Everest region. 

Accommodation at Mount Everest

Black yak hair tea tents offer dorm beds and private rooms from April to October. They are good electricity and free WIFI in the tents. A hot shower is not available at Mount Everest base camp. In the winter, the only accommodation at Mount Everest will be the Rongbuk Monastery Guest House. 

Photo: Dorm beds inside the black Yak hair tea tent

All the Yak hair tea tents offer warm foods like noodles soup, fried rice, and pancakes. They also offer butter tea, sweet tea, cold drinks, and beer.

Travelers traveling with Tibet Travelers can also choose to sleep lower at Pasum or Tashizom town.

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Written By :Tenzin

Mar 26, 2023


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