How to Get China Visa?

How To Get China Visa?

How to Get China Visa?

To get the Tibet Travel Permit, Travelers must need a China visa.  Tibet Autonomous Region is one of the provinces of China.

First, Tibet Travelers will share the information on the easiest way to obtain the China visa, which will be traveling to Tibet from Nepal

One of the easiest and worry-free ways to obtain a China visa will be traveling to Tibet from Nepal.

If Travelers are traveling to Tibet from Nepal, the Tibet Travelers Travel agency will take care of the China visa. Tibet Travelers will need the scan of Travelers passport to issue the China visa with the help of our Nepal friend agency. 

China Visa 

With the scan of passport copy, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the China visa invitation letter from Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa, after getting the invitation letter, we will scan it to our Nepal partner agency, who can help to arrange the China visa for you in Kathmandu, Nepal. Travelers must stay 2 full working days in Nepal for issuing the China visa or you can travel inside Nepal with the scan of passport copy and pass the original passport to our Nepal agency so they can obtain the China visa from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal. After getting the China visa, our Nepal agency will deliver the China visa and passport to your hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Below Tibet Travelers will share the China visa fee rates

China visa fee rate for the United State of an American citizen and Canadian citizen will cost 200 US Dollar Per person including the service fee of our Nepal agency. 

The cost of China visa fee rate for other Nationals is 110 US Dollar Per Person.

For urgent visa fee rate in a day will cost around 50 US dollars more per person. 

They are 2 ways to travel to Tibet from Nepal.

1. Flights from Nepal to Tibet.

2, Overland from Nepal to Tibet.

Flights from Nepal to Tibet

Tibet Travelers can help to buy the flight tickets from Kathmandu, Nepa to Lhasa, Tibet round trip or one way. Round trip tickets cost around 600-770 US Dollar Per Person. You can also buy by yourself through Google. If we buy the tickets for you, we will request some deposit through PayPal:

Overland Private Tour from Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet

Overland Group Tour from Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet

Overland Private from Tibet to Nepal

Overland Group from Tibet to Nepal

After explaining the different types of tours from Tibet to Nepal and Nepal to Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travelers Tour Guide will be waiting at Lhasa Gongkar airport with the original Tibet Travel Permit, our Tour Guide will help to register you for the airport security with the China visa from you and Tibet Travel Permit from Tour Guide and after registration, Tour Guide will take you to the hotel in Lhasa where you can meet our Travel Agency Manager by discussing itinerary and price, Manager will answer all your questions on the tour itinerary and after everything is good then you can pay the amount for the trip and flight ticket.

The second option is traveling to Tibet from China. Below Tibet Travelers will share detailed information on how to get the China visa if Travelers are planning to travel to Tibet from China. 

China Visa

China visa must be issued before issuing the Tibet Travel Permit. China visa can be obtained in Travelers home country in the bigger cities. Sometimes it will take around a week. All the Travel agencies in Tibet suggest that it is much easier to obtain China visa if Travelers don’t mention traveling to Tibet. For more information regarding China visas, send us an Email at Tibet Travelers is happy to send the PDF version on easier ways to obtain the China visa. 

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travelers request the scan of passport and scan of China visa with the exact dates of entry and depart from Tibet to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism Office in Lhasa, Tibet.

They are 3 ways to travel to Tibet from China

1. Flight to Lhasa from other cities of China

They are many flights from China to Tibet every day. The most popular cities in China to fly Tibet are Chengdu, Beijing, Xining, Xi An, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Zhongdian, Chongqing, and Shenzhen. Travelers can check the below link for more information regarding flights to Tibet.

2. Train to Lhasa from other cities of China

The most popular cities in China from where Travelers can travel to Tibet via train are Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Xi An, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. Travelers can check the below link for more information regarding trains to Tibet.

3. Overland to Lhasa from other cities of China

At the moment there are only 2 cities in China from where Travelers can travel overland to Tibet, Golmud, and Xinjiang.

They are two very beautiful overland routes from Yunnan to Tibet and Chengdu to Tibet, which are not open at the moment. Hope these beautiful routes open soon so for nature lover Travelers.

Before the China visa, Tibet Travel Permit, and flights or train to Tibet. 

Tibet Travelers arranges 3 different types of tours in Tibet.

1. Private Tour

2. Group Tour

3. Customized your own Tour

Private tours will be more expensive than the Group Tours which are listed on Tibet Travelers’ website. Travelers can choose the preferred Tour listed on Tibet Travelers website and send us an email at so Tibet Travelers can offer the prices for your Tour. Tibet Travelers can also help to arrange Customized Tour at Travelers prefer duration and destinations in Tibet.

How To Get China Visa?

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  • Tenzin is really professional in handling my last minute knock on his door. He answered my endless questions with precision, speed, and truthfulness such that I committed to his private tour immediately. I was about to take refuge in Tibetan Buddhism. He took me to sacred places in all 4 major lineages and I could literally feel the blessing in my crown chakra during those visits. When environment was not up to my standard, he would go all his way to find the hotel people to fix them and he made himself available even late at night.  He can be a good friend without losing the professionalism of the service part. This is not an ordinary trip for me. It was very difficult because of the weather and geographical condition and the food but Tenzin and the Driver both made it nice. One more thing, Tenzin doesn\\\'t waste time beating around the bush. His communication is quite Americanized in that regard and it fits my education history perfectly. I am glad that we still keep in touch and he would do prayers for my well-being. I really don\\\'t know what more one can ask for from a guide like this. Thank you Tenzin!

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  • I highly recommend Tibet Travelers for your Tibet adventure. Tenzin, the owner of Tibet Travelers, is professional and knowledgeable. He previously worked as a porter for Mount Everest climbers and then gained experience for many years as a travel guide. He speaks English very well and has many years of experience working with western travelers. He knows how to obtain all the permits necessary to travel through Tibet and to visit Mount Everest. He can tailor your trip to your preferences. My husband and I along with our 2 kids ( ages 10 and 12) went on the 8-day EBC tour. Our children got a little bored of all the temple tours, so he organized a last minute hike that was fun and a great cultural experience. Our guide, Jigme, a local Tibetan, spoke English perfectly and was very knowledgeable about the city, temples and Tibetan culture. He and our driver were great with our children, especially my son who enjoyed their company immensely.The hotels where we stayed were very nice. Tenzin went out of his way to make sure we were happy and comfortable. If you are looking for a worry-free, well-planned Tibetan vacation, use Tibet Travelers.

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  • My first time to Tibet. I contacted Tenzin Dhondup to ask about the tour details. he responded to my emails quickly and thoughtfully. Tenzin helped me organize the trip by arranging for the flight tickets from Chengdu to Lhasa and also Tibet permit. Tenzin is well organized, speak very good English, friendly, always helpful and gives good advice and suggestions. Tenzin met me in Lhasa at day 1 and brought me for a noodle soup and tea. After that, we went for a hike to Pabonka Monastery and we sat on the mountain enjoying the great view of Lhasa and what a lovely afternoon filled with discussions and conversations about Meditation,  Life, and Buddhism. And on day 3 after my tour, I met him for shopping at local market Tromsikang and  Bhakor and he even helped me to bargain the price. After that, we went for early Christmas dinner.  Tibet is nice and must visit place.  Its was a really great experience and good trip in Tibet. I strongly recommend Tenzin and his team. Thank you Tenzin for being my only first family in Tibet. You are such a wonderful and amazing person!!

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