Few highlights hotels in Lhasa


Good sleep plays the biggest role in a great trip. 

Good sleep boosts the energy of the trip to Tibet. 

They are many different price ranges of hotels in Lhasa starting from the Youth hostels to 5-star hotels.

Lhasa is the main city in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Lhasa is also the favorite city in Tibet for local Tibetans and Travelers.

Hotel options for Lhasa and towns nearby

Even though not all the places in Tibet are developed like the west but still knowing more information about all the hotel possibilities will make the trip to Tibet better.  

Hotel options in Lhasa 

A. Youth Hostels

B. Cozy Hotels

C. 3-star Hotels 

D. 4-star Hotels

E. 5-star Hotels 

A. Youth Hostels

They are many youth hostels in Lhasa. Two of the most popular youth hostels:

1. Phuntsok Youth Hostel  

2. Dungcuo Youth Hostel

Phuntsok Youth hostel is located near Times Square. 

Dungcuo Youth hostel is located opposite the new Bhakor market.

Both are located near the local Tibetan residents area and both offer dormitory with shared bathrooms for around 40- 80 RMB per person depends on the season.

Double bedroom with attached bathroom costs around 180-250 RMB per night.

B. Cozy Hotels

In recent few years, cozy hotels are becoming more popular because their decoration looks similar to monastery walls. 

1. Shambhala Palace

2. House of Shambhala 

3. Trichang Labrang

4. Tashi Dargay hotel 

Most of these cozy hotels are located near Bhakor street. They all have a good location. Travelers can go for a walk to Bhakor in the evening or early morning.  

Most of these cozy hotels have only around 12-15 rooms so the price is quite high as compared to others. Some Travelers told us that price is lower on the internet than contacting Travel agencies. The reason is they are mostly becoming full with Chinese websites like Meituan, Qunar, Ctrip. 

Travelers can book through us or booking.com 

Shambhala Palace and House of Shambhala are the same branches. Travelers can also read our article on Shambhala Palace.

Price of these hotels are around 350 - 700 RMB per room depending on the season.

C. 3-star Hotels 

Two of the oldest 3-star hotel in a good location:

1. Yak Hotel 

2. Kyichu Hotel 

Both are located near Tsomenling road. 

The view of Potala Palace from the roof of the Yak hotel is beautiful. 

Kyichu hotel has a beautiful garden restaurant.

The price of the hotel is around 350-500 RMB per room depends on the season. 

Yak hotel also offers a dormitory with a shared bathroom for around 60-80 RMB per person.

Travelers can book through us or booking.com 

D. 4-star Hotels

One of the best 4-star hotels in Lhasa is the Tashinota hotel. Tibet Travelers arranges 90 percent of tours in this hotel.

The hotel is located in the middle of Potala Palace and Ramoche Temple. Around 10-15 minutes walk to both sightseeing areas. 

The price of the hotel is around 300-450 per night depends on the season.

Travelers can also read our article on 4-star Tashinota hotel.

Other 4-star hotels are Yarlung Tsangpo hotel, Manasarovar hotel, and Intercontinental hotel.

All the 3 hotels are located around 3-5 km from Bhakor street. 

Sheraton hotel is the older version of St.Regis hotel. Located about 2 km from Bhakor street. 

Price for the above hotels are around 350-800 RMB per night depends on the season.

Travelers can book through us or booking.com 

Information regarding Lhasa

E. 5-star Hotels 

They are three 5-star hotels in Lhasa. 

1. Shangri Hotel 

2. St.Regis Hotel 

3. Intercontinental Hotel 

Shangri hotel is located near the Norbulingka Palace. 

St. Regis is located near the Mosque in Lhasa. It is one of the best luxury hotels in Lhasa.

Intercontinental Hotel is quite far from the center in Lhasa. It is one of the lowest price 5-star hotels in Lhasa. 

The price of these 5-star hotels is around 1100 RMB -2500 RMB per night depends on the season.

Travelers can book through us or booking.com 

Sightseeings located near the Lhasa city where there are lodging options

1. Drigung Til monastery and Tidrum nunnery

2. Reting monastery

3. Damxung

Even though they are many towns located near Lhasa but not all the places near Lhasa are possible to have a night for Travelers. 

1. Drigung Til monastery and Tidrum nunnery

At the Drigung monastery, there is basic accommodation available from the monastery. 

Price is around 40-60 RMB per bed. There is no private bathroom and no shower.

They are a few different options for lodging in Tidrum nunnery.

Few guest houses near the nunnery and hot spring are:

Nunnery guest house, town own guest house, and 2 other local guesthouses. 

Price is around 60-80 RMB per person for a dorm and around 200-300 RMB per room.

They are no private bathrooms and no shower. 

There is a branch of Shambhala Palace hotel around 8-10km from the Tidrum nunnery. 

They offer a private room with an attached bathroom and shower.

Price is around 300-600 RMB per room per night depends on the season.

Travelers can also read our article on what we can do near Tidrum nunnery?

2. Reting monastery

Another important sightseeing near Lhasa is the Reting monastery.
The monastery offers basic beds for the night for around 50-80 RMB per person.
There is no private bathroom and no shower.
Few sightseeings located near the Lhasa are the Ganden monastery, Tsurphu monastery, and Ani Tsenkung nunnery. 
It is possible to camp around 1-2 km from these sightseeings but it is not possible to stay overnight in the guesthouse for Travelers.
3. Damxung
Damxung is about 180 km from Lhasa and about 60 km from Namtso lake.
There is a 2-star hotel in Damxung with a private bathroom and shower.
Price is around 200-300 RMB per room per night. 
Damxung is a good option for Travelers who would like to visit Namtso lake but stay in a comfortable hotel.
The only available lodging in Namtso lake is the guesthouse with no private bathroom and no shower.
This is the information on Hotels in Lhasa and towns located in the Lhasa prefecture. 

Good sleep will definitely make the trip greater, even though Tibet is still developing, hope this information is useful for all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet. 

Travelers can also send us Emails for more information regarding hotels in Lhasa. info@tibettravelers.com 

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Mar 12, 2018


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