Few highlights Mountains in Tibet


The reason behind Tibet being known as The Land of Snows is Tibet is surrounded by the Himalayas. The beautiful mountain ranges in our world.  Mountains are considered as God and Goddess for local Tibetans. Mountains are also the palace of the great Yogis.

Today Tibet Travelers will share a few of the highlight mountains which are located in Tibet.

Mount Shishapangma 

The only mountain above 8000M fully planted in Tibet is Mount Shishapangma, which is the 14th highest mountain in our world with an elevation of 8027M 

Located around 150km from Old Tingri in Southern Tibet. Nowadays it is possible to travel to the Mount Shishapangma Base Camp via vehicle. Tibet Travelers arranges customized tours to Mount Shishapangma in around 8-12 Days. Contact us for more information on traveling to Mount Shishapangma.

Mount Chomolungma AKA Mount Everest or Qomolangma

Located at 610km from Lhasa, at an elevation of 5200M around 8km from the highest monastery Rongbuk. Local Tibetans call her Mount Chomolungma and are considered a Goddess. In the Chinese Language, known as Qomolangma. In the English Language, known as Everest.

Mount Everest is the most popular travel destination in Tibet. The altitude of Mount Everest is 8848M making it the highest mountain on our Earth.

Tibet Travelers arranges 8-9-10 days Tour to Mount Everest North Face Base Camp 5200M via vehicle trip through Group Tour, Private Tour, and Customized Tour. 

Kang Rinpoche AKA Mount Kailash

Local Tibetans call her Kang Rinpoche, located in the Western Tibet Ngari region. Around 1300KM from Lhasa. Mount Kailash is the holy travel destination for many Travelers and Pilgrims in our world. Kailash is considered a holy mountain for many religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. 

Tibet Travelers arranges 16 days Private Tour and Group Tour to Mount Kailash, Tibet Travelers also arranges a Customized Tour to Mount Kailash. Contact us for more information on traveling to Mount Kailash. 

Mount Cho Oyu

Located near the Old Tingri, it is known as the 6th highest mountain in our world. Around 90km from the New Tingri. It is possible to travel to the base camp of Mount Cho Oyu from the Tingri town. From Old Tingri beautiful view of Mount Cho Oyu and Mount Everest far can be seen so Old Tingri is a good place to stay for a night. 


Photo: Mount Everest view from Geu la pass

Mount Namchak Barwa

Located in the Eastern Tibet Nyingchi region, it is the 15th highest mountain and is also considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Many Travelers say the mountain looks like a woman lying down with face upwards and hairs falling down. I have seen the photo of Mount Namchak Barwa and indeed the mountain looks similar to the above description. It is possible to see the view of Mount Namchak Barwa from the Nyingchi Serkyam la pass 4900M 

These are the few information on a few of the highlight mountains in Tibet, they are still so many mountains which are located in Tibet. Tibet Travelers will do their best to share in future articles. 

For Tibet Travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet, Email Tibet Travelers at info@tibettravelers.com

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Dec 04, 2017


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