Few highlights Restaurants in Lhasa


Lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in the Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Lhasa is also one of the most developed cities with a clean environment and many different types of restaurants are available. 

Having a good sleep and good food plays a great role in a great trip. 

Few highlights Restaurants in Lhasa

90 percent of the tours arranged by Tibet Travelers is excluding the Lunch and Dinner, for more information regarding the budget for Lunch and Dinner. Travelers can read our previous article Lunch and Dinner expense in Tibet.

1. Tibetan Family Kitchen

Recently Tibetan Family Kitchen has found a new place near the small Sakya monastery, which is located around 50 m from the bhakor street towards the west.

Tibetan Family Kitchen is owned by two young Tibetans namely Namdol and Lumbum, they are also a friend of mine. 

Both of them have started their tourism career as Tour Guide a decade ago and now running the number one Tibetan-style restaurant in Lhasa. One of the most popular food is Tibetan Yak meat Momos. 

Travelers can reach them via phone call at 138 8901 5053

2. Lhasa Kitchen

In front of the Jhokang Square, there is the Lhasa Kitchen on the second floor. The restaurant is popular with bigger groups of Westerners. They offer Tibetan, Chinese, Nepal, and Indian Foods.

3. House of Shambhala Restaurant

This is one of the cozy restaurants located inside the House of Shambhala hotel. The restaurant offers Tibetan, Chinese, Nepal, and Indian foods. 

The location of the restaurant is around 50-100 m from bhakor street. 

Travelers can reach them via phone call at 0891-6326533

4. Namaste Restaurant

Owned by a Tibetan woman and a Nepali man. Namaste restaurant is located near the Lhasa movie center on the second floor.  They are popular for Nepali and Indian foods. 

5. Tashi 1

Located on the second floor of the residential building at Tsomenling road, Tashi 1 is one of the oldest restaurants in Lhasa. They offer Tibetan and Nepali foods. 

6. Kyichu Hotel Garden Restaurant

One of the best garden restaurants in Lhasa is the Kyichu Hotel Garden restaurant. They have Nepali cooks and they offer Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian Foods. 

7. Makye Ame Restaurant

Located on bhakor street. When Travelers do the kora around the Jhokang Temple, Travelers will see the sign of Makye Ame on the second floor.

The Restaurant is mostly popular with Han Travelers from Mainland China. The restaurant offers Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian foods. 

8. Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

This Tibetan restaurant is famous for Tibetan Hotpot and Tibetan dance for the Travelers.

Po Ba Tsang is a good dinner option restaurant in Lhasa, located around 200-300 m from the Jhokang Temple on the Mentsekang road. 

9. Tashinota Hotel Restaurant

Travelers who are staying in the Tashinota hotel, also offer good Tibetan and Chinese food for Travelers. 

They are also many local Tibetan restaurants near the Tashinota hotel as an option for Travelers. 

10. Snowland Restaurant

Located on the Dangayling road near the Gamchung Tea house, Snowland Restaurant is famous for Nepali and Indian Foods.

11. Lhasa Java Cafe

They are two Java Cafe in Lhasa, the owner is a Tibetan from Southern Tibet.

One is inside Times Square and another is near the Sera monastery. This cafe offers coffee and Tibetan foods.

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12. Summit Cafe

This is owned by Foreigner, they are around three summit cafes in Lhasa. One is inside the Shambhala hotel on the Dangayling road, the second one is inside the Tashinota hotel and the last one is near the Wenzhou shopping mall. 

13. 3rd Eye Restaurant

Located opposite of the new Bhakor market on the second floor of the building.

his restaurant is famous for Nepali food since they have Nepali cooks and Nepali staff. 

14. Dunya Restaurant

Near the Tsomenling road, inside the Yak hotel corridor, there is the Dunya restaurant.

It is a good option for Travelers who love to watch the locals go by the street while having some food. 

15. Gam Chung Tea House and Ze dro Tea House

They are the two oldest tea houses in Lhasa, namely Gamchung and Zedro. 

They offer sweet tea for 8 jiao and Tibetan noodles per bowl for 5-6 RMB

These tea houses are the best places to meet local Tibetans, located on the Dangayling road. 

16. The six-floor Rooftop Restaurant 

This is one of the best restaurants in Lhasa to see the view of Potala Palace. 

They offer Tibetan hotpot for Travelers. It is a great option for dinner time around 7:00 pm

Even though many western-style restaurants in Lhasa are doing their best to provide western food like Pizza, steak, and many others via inviting cooks from Nepal but still they lack the real taste.

We highly recommend Travelers try more Tibetan foods with less oil while traveling in Tibet. 

They are many local Tibetan restaurants offering Tibetan noodles, fried rice, and momos for a lower price near the Bhakor street and Tibetan residential areas. 


Even though many places outside of Lhasa and Shigatse are not developed and most of the available foods are local Tibetan food, we still recommend Travelers to try foods with less oil.

Having good food indeed plays a great role in the happiness of the trip.

We have seen Travelers who have to go to the toilet many times because of eating too much oily and unhealthy food.

Some of the Travelers have missed few of the sightseeing and they are also not comfortable while traveling so Tibet Travelers would like to recommend all the Travelers to eat healthy food like less oily, less chilly since the sun is quite strong in Tibet and bad foods will ruin the whole trip.

This is the information regarding restaurants in Lhasa.

Tibet Travelers hope this information be useful for all the Travelers who are planning on traveling to Tibet. 

Travelers can also send us Emails for more information regarding restaurants in Lhasa. info@tibettravelers.com

Written By :Tenzin

Mar 15, 2018


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