Few minutes with a Yogini

A few minutes with a Yogini

I have always wanted to take my mother on short trips as much as possible to repay her kindness. Four days ago, I again traveled to Woka Choelong Valley with my mother. We visited the Zingqi monastery, about 200 km from Lhasa this time. 

The Story of the trip to visit the Yogini

The story starts with a master, Lachen Gonpo Rapzey, who came from Eastern Tibet to central Tibet with a statue of future Buddha Maitreya.  He had meditated in a small cave near the Zingqi village. He wanted to build a monastery, so he offered many spiritual practices to future Buddha Maitreya. One day, the statue told him the monastery should be constructed near the pond. Zingqi means near the pond in Tibetan. 

Photo: Main relic statue of future Buddha Maitreya at Zingqi monastery 

One thousand years later, the spiritual decline left the monastery without management. One day, the founder of the Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, Je Tsongkhapa, visited the Zingqi monastery from the Woka Choelong monastery. Around 20 km from Zingqi Monastery. 

Photo: Je Tsongkhapa ( similar look to an actual person ) Known as Je Ngadrama in the Choelong Choesam monastery 

When Je Tsongkhapa saw the ruins at Zingqi Monastery

The bird poop droppings on the head of future Buddha Maitreya, he cried with tears. Later, he reconstructed the Zingqi monstery. Reconstructing the Zingqi monastery is one of the main deeds of his four main spiritual activities in Tibetan Buddhism. 

Photo: My mother and me at Zingqi monastery 

After asking the monk about the history of the Zingqi monastery, I am thrilled that now I can share it with the world. Check out my other trip to the Woka Choelong retreat.

A few minutes with a Yogini 

So the title says it all. Yes, I was fortunate to meet a Yogini. She was born in 1977 and still looks like she is in her 30s. She was staying in a tiny house with a high small window that didn't let the sun enter. It was cold and a little dark inside. There was nothing much inside. She had a few books and some food that people offered to her. A small low bed. She doesn't even have a proper table, yet she looks so happy I can feel it. 

She is staying quite far from the monastery alone in a small mud house. I have asked her a few questions.

a. Are you not scared to stay here alone? 

Answer: In the beginning, when I went to the toilet at night, I felt a little bit scared, but now I have deep devotion and trust in the triple gem ( Guru, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha ), so I don't feel fear. If I should be afraid, I fear where they are big entertainment.  Even if we are born as a god, we must go down to lower realms when our positive karma ends, so I am afraid. 

Yogini, Woka Choelong monasteryPhoto: View of Woka Choelong monastery 

b. Why did you leave the home and stay in retreat?

Answer: Many great masters have come to our world, but many have benefited only a few people around them. I have a deep devotion towards Je Tsongkhapa since he has left us all his teachings in words in the Lamrin book. 

If it's about something other than the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa, I won't study Dharma. When I read Lamrin at the beginning, I couldn't understand many words, so I cried a lot, but now, with the blessing of Je Lama, I can comprehend much more than before, so I won't cry. 

When I read Lamrin, I see Je Tsongkhapa. At the moment, our minds and Dharma are not attached. Now, my mind and Dharma are linked, so I am thrilled. 

Photo: Main relics from Woka Choelong monastery

If you stay in big cities, you must depend on other people, so you have to be involved in many negative karmic actions. It's best to practice Dharma alone in the retreat. This body is our only chance, and we must use it to practice the Buddha Dharma since this is our best chance. 


I Thanked Yogini for her time and offered her the tiny foods I bought. May she attain enlightenment ASAP so she can benefit more Sentient Beings. 

I heard from some people that she has moved to another meditation cave where she meditates alone. She is my admiration.

May one day I have the gut to meditate and wander around the caves of my ancestor Yogis like her and benefit myself and others. Thank you for reading the Tibet Travelers' article in a few minutes with a Yogini. 

Written By :Tenzin

Mar 24, 2023


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