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Recently we have few Email inquiries from Travelers who ask us about sightseeing in Tibet where they are a fewer tourist and more locals. 

With 15 years of Tibet Tourism experience, Tibet Travelers would like to share some of the sightseeing in Tibet where Travelers can witness fewer tourists and more authentic Tibetan feeling with stunning natures. 

Many Travelers who are traveling to Tibet have a deep love for mother nature and most importantly authentic Tibet adventure. 

10 Sightseeing in Tibet with a fewer tourist 

Even though they are many sightseeing in Tibet where they are a fewer tourist and more stunning nature.

At the moment some of the stunning sightseeing routes are under construction: overland from Yunnan Shangri la to Lhasa and overland from Chengdu to Lhasa through Chamdo.

Tibet Travelers will make sure to update you on these stunning routes in our article when we hear good news.  

At the moment, we would like to share 10 sightseeing in Tibet where Travelers can witness fewer tourists and more Tibetans with nature have the authentic Tibetan feeling. 

Photo: Yak and nature in Tibet

1. Woka Choelong valley and Siji Lhatso Lake 

One of the beautiful valleys in Tibet where they are fewer tourists and more peaceful nature is Woka Choelong valley and Siji Lhatso Lake.  Located around 160 km from Lhasa towards the east. 

Travelers can witness the stunning peaceful Siji Lhatso Lake, which is known as a holy lake for Tibetans. I have been here a few years ago, it is very peaceful with many different colors of beautiful flowers on the way. It will be a great option to hike the mountains near the Lake. 

After visiting Siji Lhatso Lake, Travelers can travel to Woka Choelong valley visiting Woka Choelong monastery. More information on Woka Choelong.

2. Tidrum nunnery Hot spring and Drigung Monastery

One of my favorite sightseeing in Tibet is Tidrum nunnery. I spent around a week or more in winter at Tidrum nunnery. The reason is the spiritual feeling and the pure authentic hot spring.  

There is a meditation cave of Maha Guru Rinpoche on the upper hill of Terdrum or Tidrum nunnery. It will be a good hike for Travelers. Tidrum nunnery is a Nyingma Kagyu nunnery in Tibet. 

Travelers can also visit Dingchen Gang nunnery, where Travelers can witness the beauties of the authentic nunnery. More information regarding Tidrum nunnery.

Travelers can also visit the Drigung monastery on the way to Tidrum nunnery. Located around 140km from Lhasa and around 14km from Tidrum nunnery.  Drigung Monastery is the main monastery of the Drigung Kagyu sect in Tibet. Founded by the Je Kyopa Jigten Gonpo. 

The best Sky burial in Tibet is located at the Drigung monastery. It is only allowed for local Tibetans to visit. Sometimes if Travelers can lucky, Travelers can get the blessing from one of the great modern Yogi Gelong Tashi Rapten, who has meditated for more than 20 years and still choose to meditate in Drigung. 

A monk from the Drigung monastery told me that they are many other Yogis who have been meditating for more than 3 years. There is lots of blessing even just to arrive nearby. 

3. Reting monastery hike to the nunnery and Ganden monastery kora hike 

Reting monastery is one of the main monasteries of the Kadampa sect. The main monastery of Je Dromtonpa Gyalway Jungngey. Reting monastery is located on a small hill near Reting. 

The hike from Reting to the nunnery is beautiful. I highly recommend Travelers who love authentic feeling to hike the nunnery from Reting. It is around 2 hours hike from Reting monastery. There is no vehicle trail so the hike is beautiful. 

4. Nyemo valley and Shugla valley 

One of the beautiful routes from Shigatse to Lhasa or Shigatse to Namtso Lake is through the Nyemo valley or Shug la valley. 

With the construction of a nice road on friendship highway to Shigatse from Lhasa so very fewer Travelers will travel through these routes so I highly recommend Travelers to travel from Shigatse to Lhasa or Namtso Lake via Shugla valley with a pass 5, 400 meters or through Nyemo valley to witness the beauties of nature with peaceful villages.

Photo: Beauties of Mount Kailash in western Tibet

5. Shangshung kingdom ruins, Tadapuri hot spring and Dungkar Piyang 

One of the few tourist sites located in western Tibet is Shangshung kingdom ruins and Tadapuri hot spring with a monastery. Located around 100-180km from Darchen town near Mount Kailash. 

Another less Tourist site in western Tibet is Dungkar Piyang, famous for wall paintings.

6. Yemalung meditation caves and Chimpuk meditation caves 

For Travelers who love to visit meditation caves in Tibet, we highly recommend visiting the Yemalung meditation cave and Chimpuk meditation cave. Located around 40km from Samye monastery. Travelers can witness the authentic meditation caves with fewer Travelers. 

7. Ralung monastery and Druk monastery

One of the important monasteries of the Drukpa Kagyu sect in Tibet is the Druk monastery and Ralung monastery. They are fewer Travelers in these monasteries. Druk monastery is located around 80km from Lhasa. Ralung monastery is located near the Karo La Glacier on the way to Gyantse. Tibet Travelers has added Ralung monastery in most of our group tours so Travelers can witness the authentic Tibetan monastery with fewer Travelers. When I was here last year, they were not even local Tibetans so the monastery was very peaceful. We can see that it was a huge monastery once by looking at the ruins and vast valley.

8. Shalu monastery and Phuntsokling monastery

One of the important monasteries with fewer Travelers is Shalu monastery, located around 15km from the highway from Gyantse to Shigatse. Shalu monastery is famous for wall painting and structure of the monastery, which is very different from many other monasteries in Tibet. 

The Phuntsokling monastery is important since it was one of the main monasteries of the Jonang sect in Tibetan Buddhism. It is located near Tokmon town on the way from Shigatse to Lhatse. 

9. Kharta Chutang Kangshung valley trek and Mount Everest advance base camp trek 

10. Trek from Ganden to Samye and Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen 

Trek is one of the best ways to witness authentic Tibet. They are fewer Travelers and most of these routes have no vehicle routes so Travelers can witness the true beauties of Tibet.


It is a long journey from Travelers hometown to Tibet. We have met Travelers who had taken more than 10 hours flight to Lhasa so Tibet Travelers feel that it is important to share with Travelers some authentic sites in Tibet where Travelers can witness the true beauties of Tibet with fewer Travelers. 

Above are a few of the sightseeing through my 15 years of experience. I will do my best to update when I get more time to explore in winter. 

Travelers can send us Emails regarding traveling to above fewer tourist sites. info@tibettravelers.com 

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 22, 2018


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