Four Hot Spring near Lhasa


They are many hot springs in Tibet. Even just near Lhasa, there are 4 hot springs. 

1. Terdom nunnery hot spring near Drigung till monasterythere is around 140km from Lhasa to Terdom nunnery with a driving duration of around 4 hours. There is a nunnery guest house, private local guest house and around 8km for below there is a comfort hotel branch of House of Shambhala in Lhasa. 

Nunnery hot spring is free of charge, as well as the hot spring in the House of Shambhala branch hotel. 

2. Rutok hot spring near the Mila Pass 4900 meters on the way to Nyingchi Eastern Tibet. Nowadays there is Nyingchi Lhasa highway so it will take around 3 hours to get there from Lhasa with a distance of around 180km. Rutok Hotspring is more like a pool so I won't recommend highly to the Travelers. Entrance fee is around 50-100RMB per person

Near the Rutok, there is the Siji Lhatso Lake, which is a worth to visit. They are different types of flowers growing on the grassland and almost no tourist zone. 

Photo: Yangpachen Outdoor hot spring 

3. Yangpachen hot spring on the way to Namtso Lake. There is around 80km from Lhasa to Yangpachen with a driving duration of 2 hours. Yangpachen hot spring is an artifical hot spring mixture of hot and cold water, indoor and outdoor. Only recommend to Travelers who love swimming.  The entrance fee is around 100-200 RMB per person, we highly recommend Travelers to buy the swimming suit from Lhasa. 

4. Tolong Dechen hot spring, located around 40-50km from Lhasa to the Tolong Dechen village into the valley. The hometown of Ancient Tibetan Doctor Amchi Yutok Yonden Gonpo. Recent my sister's daughter has a bone fracture at college and she came to Lhasa for the treatment from hot spring. She and my younger sister went to Tolong Dechen hot spring and they call me to bring foods and blankets for them so I went to the hot spring at later afternoon. It is a very cozy hot spring located on the middle of the mountain. The guest house is basic clean beds with no blankets so I highly recommend Travelers to bring the sleeping bag. It is clean and they made timetable between male and female to soak in the hot spring. 

I spent a night there and came back the next day with a great experience. The hot spring is also blessed from Je Tsongkhapa when he saw a bird got bone fracture and cured of the hot spring so he later shared the benefits of hot spring to the local Tibetans. 


Even though hot springs are good for many people, it cures the bone fracture, and it also gives us a feeling of relaxing but for people who have high blood pressure, we definitely won't recommend the hot spring.  Travelers with high blood pressure can get the blessing via soaking the feet only. 

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Written By :Tenzin

Jul 26, 2018


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