Ganden Samye Tibet Trekking

Ganden Samye Tibet Trekking

Ganden Samye Tibet Trekking is one of the ultimate Treks in Tibet! Discover the wonders of Tibet through the ultimate trekking experience! Get ready to explore the hidden gems of this fantastic Tibet travel destination while keeping your body and mind in top shape.

The Ganden to Samye Monastery Trek is an exceptional route from Lhasa city, spanning 11 days. The trek lasts four days and commences at Drupchi village, located near Ganden Monastery, concluding at the Yemalung retreat area close to Samye Monastery.

The best part of the Tibet Trek.

Travelers can witness the marvels of Nomads, grassland, and unspoiled rivers in the mountains. Two stunning lakes, Shou Tso and Palang Tso, are also on display. The absence of roads for vehicles makes the journey peaceful and tranquil.

Photo: Two lakes ( Shou Tso, and Palang  Tso )

Photo: Two lakes ( Shou Tso, and Palang  Tso )

The challenge of the Tibet Trekking.

Having professional equipment for this journey is optional. To complete the trek, travelers must cross two elevated passes, namely Chitula at 5200 meters and Shaola at 5100 meters. So, we strongly suggest doing some daily exercise before going to Tibet.

The optimal time for Trekking:

For optimal views, the ideal time to go trekking is early September. From mid-May to mid-October is also a suitable period for trekking.

Photo: Yaks and Yak man on the trek 

 Photo: Food for the Trek from Tibetan Cook

Ganden to Samye trek from Tibet TravelersPhoto: Fresh, clean River on the trekking route

Ganden monasteryPhoto: Ganden Monastery

Samye monasteryPhoto: Samye Monastery

There are two significant monasteries.

The Gelug school's founder, Je Tsongkhapa, built the Ganden monastery. In contrast, the very first monastery in Tibet, the Samye monastery, was established in the 8th century by King Trisong Deutsen and Maha Guru Padmasambhava. There are two retreat areas, Yemalung and Chimpuk.

Our Recent TIbet Trek Tour.

Two travelers from the United States, Sharon and Alan, were recently provided a private tour by Tibet Travelers. Sharon graciously shared the photos.

Photo: Trek Traveler ( Alan )

Photo: Beauties of nature from Ganden to Samye Trek 

Photo: Yemalung nunnery retreat area


If you don't move around much, going on a trekking tour might be your perfect decision! It's not just good for your physical health, but your mental health too. So why not check out the Ganden to Samye Monastery trek? It's a favorite among many expat travelers this year!

Our Join Group Trekking Tour is available for groups of 4 to 10 people. If you want to join a group trekking tour, please email us for more information.

Written By :Tenzin

Jun 25, 2023


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