Great Milarepa's Gur Doha Songs

The Great Milarepa is one of the most important Yogis in Tibet. Every time Yogi Milarepa teaches Dharma to the people with a beautiful song. These are some of the songs from the biography of Milarepa. I am sorry that both my voice and translation are amateurs so may Buddhas forgive me.  

The lyrics from the first video second Gur Doha Song;

Hey Hunter, listen to my song.

Even though the voice of the dragon is powerful, it’s just an empty sound.

Even though the color of the rainbow is beautiful, soon it will fade. 

Even though samsara looks prosperous, it’s like a dream. 

Even though sensual pleasure looks happy, it’s the cause of evil deeds.

Even though things look permanent, the reality is that everything is impermanent.

The material things that have yesterday are not here today.

 The person who was born last year, passed away this year.

 The good friends became enemies. 

The good foods became poison. 

People you have treated truly from the heart fail you. 

These all are done by you and it’s hurt you back.

From everyone around you, in the end, you should first feel compassion towards yourself, and it’s time for You to come out from samsara.

This life is impermanent, it can end anytime. 

You can’t delay practicing Dharma. 

Lovable cousins will take you to Samsara.

It’s time to follow a genuine, compassionate, and wise spiritual master.

You will be happy in this life, and you will also be happy in your next life. 

Above is the Gur Doha song between Great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa and Great Indian Yogi Pa Dampa Sangge. The first time they met at a hotel in Tingri with a vision to both of the masters by a Dakini.

Jetsun Milarepa came into our world during the 11th century. Travelers can read our previous article about the short biography of Great Yogi Jetsun Milarepa.

Written By :Tenzin

Mar 24, 2019


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    1. Milarepa Bless you for give us the knowledge and meaning of his songs….such a beautiful rhythm and therapy for our souls,,especially in this tough days,,(that materialism and poor things in life became important,,unfortunatelly)He is still here to awake human spirits from the big sleep…

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