Group Tours to Join on November 3rd and 18th


On November 3rd and November 18th, Tibet Travelers offers one of the best well design itineraries with reasonable price 1300US Dollar Per Person for 10 days Group Tour in Tibet to Mount Everest and Namtso Lake with 2 People confirmed for November 3rd and 1 Person confirmed for 18th November. 

10 days Group Tour

One of the best ways to travel Tibet for Solo Travelers is our Group Tours. Tibet Travelers is one of the local Tibetan travel agency in Tibet, who takes greatly responsible for Group Tours

They are many reasons to travel in Group Tours, below are few of the reasons to travel in Group Tour of Tibet Travelers.

1. One of the best reason and the first reason to travel in Group Tour is to lower the cost and save money to travel other places in our beautiful world.

2.Group Tour gives the best chance to make new friends since one more friend means one more way, more friends are always good, sometimes it happens that travelers from same national have never met in their home country but they met in Lhasa, which is a beautiful Karma, even we would be very happy to see another Tibetan if we are traveling in the middle of Europe or America.

3.Tibet Travelers Group Tour size is maximum 8 people so we not only focus on making money by making the group big as possible, we also care for travelers comfort.

4.Tibet Travelers also arrange high-quality 4-star hotels in Lhasa and Shigatse and we also have flexibility in changing the similar price range hotel if travelers would like to change.

5.Tibet Travelers not only arrange Good English speaking Tibetan Tour Guide but also a responsible and caring Tour Guide and Tour Driver so they can take great care of each and every one of the travelers in the group.

6. Comfortable vehicles, if the size of the group is 4 people, Tibet Travelers will arrange 6 people size vehicle, if the size of group tour is 6, Tibet Travelers will arrange 9 people size vehicle, if the size of group tour is 8, Tibet Travelers will arrange 12 people size vehicle so Tibet Travelers also care for travelers comfort, at least there is much space that if travelers who are bit tried and like to lie down, there is a space. Making the vehicle bigger cost more money but we are happy to arrange for the comfort of our Group Tour travelers.

7.Tibet Travelers Group Tours starting from Mount Everest North Face Base Camp Group Tour to Mount Kailash 16 days Group Tour are all well priced with the detailed itinerary in both written words and quality images to make sure our Travelers from Group Tour know all the places they will visit without any hidden cost.

8.Many travel agencies charge for each small items for travelers in the group, making the group travelers uncomfortable but Tibet Travelers offers a free airport bus pick up and drop off, a free train station pick-up and drop-off. Tibet Travelers also offer free mailing permit to the hotel in China which many travel agencies also charge some amount so Tibet Travelers focus not only on money but the mental comfort of the Travelers also since small things make big changes as said to us by one of our precious previous travelers. 

9.Every month Tibet Travelers focus on 2-3 group tours to make sure we can focus our mind fully on each and each traveler of the group tour and make sure all the travelers in group tour have a great time.

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Written By :Tenzin

Sep 25, 2017


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