Guge Kingdom

Guge Kingdom

གུ་གེ in the Tibetan language, Guge means syllable. King Tri Darma U Tum Tsen  ཁྲི་དར་མ་ཨུ་དུམ་བཙན་ Also known as Lang Darma is the brother of the great Dharma king Ralpachen. During his brief reign, he almost eradicated sutra Buddhism. He was assassinated by Palgyi Dorje in the year 906.

1. What is the history of the Guge Kingdom?

After the assassination of King Tri Darma U Tum Tsen, his son Prince Kyi Dey Nyima Gyon fled to western Tibet Ngari and ruled over many regions, including Burang, Shangshung, and Tsanda, around the year 912; later, in the year 960, his middle son Tashi Gyon ruled the western Tibet Ngari by making the Guge central for nearly 700 years until 1618. There were around twenty kings in those 700 years.

2. What is the Modern Day Guge?

Travelers can visit the Red Palace and the White Palace. Many clay caves were the homes of locals during the reign of the Guge Kings.

3. Where is Guge Kingdom?

Guge Kingdom ruins are situated on the border of Ladakh, approximately 290km from the city of Ngari Ali Shiquanhe City, Tibet Autonomous Region, China.

4. What is the distance between Mount Kailash and Guge?

The distance between the Guge kingdom and Darchen town, near Mount Kailash, is about 270km, while Lake Manasarovar is located approximately 300km away from Guge.

5. What is the nearest town to Guge?

The towns near the Guge Kingdom are known as Tada. Other names are Tsanda and Tsaparang.  There is 18km from Tada Town to the Guge Kingdom ruins.

Tada Town is known as one of the lowest-altitude towns in Ngari prefecture. The altitude is 3600 meters — nearly similar elevation to Lhasa.

Guge Kingdom

- A view from above shows the Guge Kingdom.

6. What is the nearest important mountain to Guge?

If you plan to travel to Guge, we highly recommend taking a trip to Mount Kailash. It's an extraordinary mountain and holds a lot of significance. It's about a 4-hour drive and 270km away from Guge, and once you get there, you'll find yourself in the charming town of Darchen, right at the base of the mountain. Definitely worth a visit!

7. What is the opening time?

The opening time is 08:00 am to 07:00 pm. The Guge Kingdom is one of the best places to see the beauty of wall paintings in western Tibet Ngari.

8. Where is the nearest accommodation to Guge Kingdom?

There is no accommodation at the Guge Kingdom ruins. Travelers can stay a night at 18km Tada Town, where comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms and a shower are available. 

Tada Gangkar Tise 4-Star Hotel

Photo: Single bed room at 4-Star Ganggar Tise Hotel

At Ganggar Tise Hotel, they provide our travelers with comfortable single and twin beds along with private bathrooms. Our guests stay here to enjoy a better experience during their travels. We are happy to offer a 4-star accommodation.

9. What are the Top Ten Sightseeing Nearby Guge Kingdom?

  1. Toling monastery.
  2. Dungkar Piyang wall paintings.
  3. Mount Kailash
  4. Tadapuri Hotspring.
  5. Shangshung ruins.
  6. Burang Town.
  7. Ngari Ali Shiquanhe City.
  8. Lake Manasarovar
  9. Nagtso Lake.
  10. Pangong Tso Lake.

10. Where is the nearest Hospital?

  1. Small hospital at Tada town (18km)
  2. Larger Hospital at Ngari Ali City (290km)

Mount Kailash by Tibet Travelers

The Stunning Mount Kailash.

11. Where is the nearest airport?

  1. Ngari Ali City Gunsa Airport 

Gunsa Airport in Ngari Ali Shiquanhe city is situated approximately 300km away from the Guge Kingdom. A flight is operational from Kunsa Airport to Lhasa Gongkar Airport, with a travel time of roughly 2 hours. The view of Mount Kailash from the flight's windows is breathtaking.

12. What is the spiritual impact on Guge?

Guge is also an essential spiritual place in Tibet. Many great Indian masters, including JowoJe Maha Guru Atisha, traveled to Tibet by western Tibet. There were also rumors that once a Christian church flourished near Guge.

13. Conclusion

Guge Kingdom is the number one thing to do on Trip Advisor. Our recommended month of traveling to Guge will be from May to November. At Tibet Travelers, we offer 3-4 unique tours to Mount Kailash that even include a visit to the stunning Guge Kingdom. 

We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about traveling to the Guge Kingdom, so feel free to shoot us an email at

Written By :Tenzin

Apr 15, 2023


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